What’s new at Flare Systems: check out the latest updates from 2020

Updated: 2021.01.29
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Yohan Trépanier Montpetit – co-founder of Flare Systems and Head of Product – shares some insights on the latest product updates.

In 2020, we actively focused on adding perks and fixes to Firework, so I am now excited to introduce you to our latest features and improvements.

1. Scoring System

firework score

External threat coverage is a process that naturally identifies a large amount of data due to organisations’ large external footprint. In 2020, we integrated  a new scoring system in Firework: every single document indexed by our engine is reviewed by our powerful data analysis system and assigned a score. Based on different factors, activities can therefore be prioritized, which increases the operational efficiency of security teams using the platform.

2. Technical Leak Detection

Technical data leak detection is one of the features already delivering enhanced value for our customers. Technical data leaks occur when an employee or consultant in an IT team publicly discloses sensitive technical information, often by mistake.

Firework now monitors specific sources where these leaks usually occur, including platforms such as GitHub and StackOverflow. Firework’s 5-point scoring system uses different criteria to prioritize each document found. If credentials, API keys, tokens or similar information is included in the document, they will be extracted and easily accessible to remediate the leak.

3. Coverage of Ransomware Group Websites

Following the new double extortion scheme that ransomware groups started in 2019, Firework now covers the data from different leak websites, including the DopplePaymer, NetWalker, CLOP and Ragnar Locker sites. Sites are collected every hour, which enables you to not only monitor potential sensitive information associated with your organization, but also receive alerts if third-parties and partners fell victim to this type of ransomware attacks.

Looking forward

2021 is just getting started and our engineering team is already releasing valuable features to increase external threat coverage and prioritization. Stay tuned for our next important releases!

To learn more about Firework, request a demo here.

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