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Flare Platform Tour
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Flare Platform Tour
Free Trial
Get a clear idea of what Flare can do for your organization’s security. You can tour the platform and its features to show you how to leverage the Flare data.
Monitor your own domain and keywords with a limited access version of the Flare platform.
What do I need to give you?
Corporate email + short questionnaire to ensure security
Identifier Limit (your domain & other keywords)
(Demo data only)
Up to 10
Access to data
(Demo data only)
(certain data redacted)
Global Search Bar
(Demo data only)

The Flare Platform Tour and the Flare Free Trial are sales-free experiences for you to discover why the Flare solution can help you secure your cybersecurity posture and organization.

If you are already convinced and you would like to have full access to our platform, feel free to book a demo with our sales team right away!

What You Can Expect With Flare

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Reduction in Analyst Time spent on Pen Testing, Security Assessments, and Risk Assessments
0 %
Reduced Analyst Time Investigating Dark Web Threats
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Decline in Data Breach Risk by 2026 for organizations that implement Continuous Threat Exposure Management

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Check out our case studies to see real life examples of how security teams use Flare to reduce risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the questionnaire and what are you doing the ask me?

Given the nature of Flare’s platform, we’re obligated to undergo a verification process to make sure we’re granting access to the right people for the right reasons. Currently, Flare only offers free trials for legitimate business reasons only. In the questionnaire we will ask some basic questions to get an understanding of who you are, who you work for or are affiliated with, and how you want to use Flare. This will help us verify you and ensure you have the best free trial experience possible!

Identifiers are the main way to use Flare to gather data relevant to your business. Typically they include things like Domains, Names, Keywords, IP Addresses, BIN numbers, and more.

In the free trial, the ability to view passwords, download files, and use the Global Search Bar is restricted.

It’s a popular (and powerful) feature that allows you to query Flare’s entire database regardless of identifiers.

During a Proof of Concept, Flare’s team of security experts will act as guides to help optimize your POC tenant and offer suggestions and use cases to make sure you’re getting the most out of the process.

Flare is able to facilitate the takedowns of malicious domains, leaked information on public code repositories (i.e. GitHub), and bin sites (i.e. Pastebin). This saves valuable analyst time and drastically decreases the window of exposure of these particular risks. If any of these risks are identified during the POC process, Flare offers a free takedown credit. 

Get Verified to Start a Free Trial Now

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