Why Flare?

So, what makes Flare so unique?

Flare was purpose-built and meticulously designed to help you easily locate, understand, prioritize, and take action to remediate exposures of your digital footprint, wherever they may lurk.

We combine a wide range of coverage and the latest AI technology to make seeing and owning your digital footprint easy.

Wider coverage for high visibility

We go where others can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t.

Your data, through human or technical error, could find its way to any number of locations online. Some of which could be tedious to review and others could expose your network to risks via access.

Dark Web

Source code

Fast moving chat
and forum platforms

Leak paste
and dump sites

Cloud Buckets and documents

Many more

We take the risk out of locating your data because we’ve established a safe way to access, search, and monitor these locations, so you don’t have to worry about finding—only seeing. And you see it all through a single, intuitive interface with proactive alerts.

See how Flare’s Dark Web monitoring helped a top North American investment firm prevent potential attack.

The latest technology for priority and action

We present actionable findings with leading AI.

Once we have found and validated online data elements, we apply the latest in artificial intelligence technology to help you understand them in context to your digital footprint and which should be prioritized for action. However, there is no “black box” AI getting in the way of the data. You receive the full source information for each artifact with a broad, unified search engine for your own validation.


Transparent data collection
and presentation

Broad, unified search

This approach means you receive quieter, real-time alerts that keep you from being inundated with random and low-level issues. You’re able to quickly remediate the issues that mean the most to you more quickly.

Featured Article

Learn more about one of our AI contextualization techniques and how it speeds up prioritization.

A simplified (but not simple) platform

We make knowing your digital footprint easy.

Although the Flare Platform is far-reaching and robust, it was designed to be easy to use by organizations of all sizes and maturities. We make finding, knowing, and owning digital risk possible — from empowering lean, growing security teams to enabling collaboration with cross-domain enterprise organizations, all through one platform.

Streamlined onboarding

Straightforward APIs for

Delightfully-simple day-to-day

Proven and Trusted Results

Flare is used (and praised) by leading organizations

Heard enough?
See it for yourself.

Experience Flare and prioritize your security journey.