Careers at Flare

Are you passionate about becoming an expert in cybercrime intelligence?

We are a team of mission-driven cybercrime specialists that want to build the world’s most sophisticated, easy to use, and valuable Continuous Threat Exposure Management platform. If you are excellent at what you do and deeply interested in cybersecurity consider coming to work for us.

Working at Flare means working with:

Benefits & Perks

Stock options

Attractive compensation

Full insurance coverage

Unlimited vacation time

Hybrid & Remote Options

Our office is in the famous old Factory Nordelec at Montreal, right by the Lachine Canal. But we also have a flexible work-from-where-you-want model, so our employees have the choice! (But, if you come into the office, you’ll be greeted with free artisan coffee.)

Flexible Work Hours

Annual Team Building

Dog-Friendly Office

Fully Remote and Hybrid Options

We look for people who are:

Driven to Excel

We hire the best talent in the industry. We're looking for individuals who take pride in their work, are deeply passionate about security and always aim for excellence.

Ready to take Ownership

At Flare we give our employees autonomy and latitude to experiment. We look for people who are willing to take ownership of their work.


The cyber threat landscape is rapidly changing and so is Flare. Flare employees can rapidly adapt to new challenges, technologies, and events to build a world-class experience for our customers.

Willing to Move Fast

There is no substitute for the compounding effects of moving fast as an organization. We look for people who are willing to rapidly experiment and iterate to reach the optimal outcome.

Here’s our hiring process

We know your time is valuable and we want you to know what to expect.

Select the role that you believe is the best fit for the next step in your career, review the requirements and hit send!
We will schedule a 30-minute virtual conversation with your hiring manager where you can ask questions and get to know one another.
Our goal is to evaluate your capacity to answer the job requirements. So we have a short, 20-30 minute exercise to complete.
For some roles, we’ll schedule a 30-minute meeting when you’ll get to know someone on our senior leadership team.
You’ll meet with two to five future colleagues in a panel-style interview. Hard skills are great and we also want to see how you and the team may collaborate together.
We want to hear from your previous managers to confirm our choice, so we’ll ask you for two references.
After everyone you’ve met has gotten back together, we’ll compare what we’ve learned against the role to make a decision. We promise you will hear from us regardless of the outcome.

Here are our current opportunities

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our open positions and find your place.