Flare Slashed Dark Web Investigation Time by 97% for a Leading Managed Security Service Provider

Overview Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can have difficulty monitoring the dark web for their clients. Marketplaces routinely go down or change locations, and the addition of Telegram and unconventional illicit markets like Genesis market has made it even more difficult to effectively monitor thousands of sources for cyber risk.  This success story highlights how […]

Flare’s GitHub Monitoring Cut Incident Response Costs Significantly for a Large North American Bank

Gradient blue and lighter turquoise background. There is a green bubble in the top left that says "Success Story." White text below it says "Large North American Bank Streamlines Sensitive Data Leaks Monitoring; Significantly Cutting Incident Response Costs"

Overview According to a study with Stanford University Professor John Hancock and security firm Tessian, human error contributes to 88% of data breaches. Employee mistakes may seem harmless, but they can lead to leaked credentials, API keys, personally identifiable information, and intellectual property.  This success story explains how Flare’s GitHub monitoring caught a previous employee […]