Dark Web Monitoring

Proactively identify dark web threats and remediate risks before a data breach occurs.

The dark web is a vast underground on which malicious actors buy and sell stolen credentials, account access, bots, and hacking tools.

Flare’s dark web monitoring platform can enable you and your security team to proactively detect dark web threats. Our customers love our automated dark web monitoring solution as it saves them time and money, provides complete coverage, and protects their data.

Don’t let dark web threats go undetected

As “perimeters” change and attack surfaces grow, organizations face an increasing number of data leaks and breaches. Malicious actors and human error can increase the risk of sensitive data, like credentials, financial information, and other proprietary assets, ending up on the dark web.

This leads to an estimated cost of 700 million dollars a year. Organizations face a challenge to effectively monitor the ever-changing list of dark web data sources.

That is, they were, until Flare.

$700 million

lost annually

Automate your dark web monitoring and remove the pain.

Manually scanning the dark web for threats takes a large amount of time and resources.

Why do you need dark web monitoring?

An Ever-Increasing Digital Footprint

The ever-changing dark web landscape — new markets, new techniques, and the general breadth of dark web data sources — make it extremely difficult for cybersecurity analysts to manually map an organization’s complete digital footprint.

Manual Processes and Slow Remediation

Unautomated dark web monitoring can lead to manual and time-consuming processes to detect breaches, which can take an average of 287 days to identify and contain.

Noisy Cyber Threat Data

Cybersecurity analysts who manually follow the threats and changes on the dark web face an increasingly noisy dataset that is not prioritized by risk level.

Automated monitoring, identification, contextualization and prioritization of dark web threats can help your analysts focus on what matters most — remediation of digital risks.

Proactive dark web threat detection with Flare

Flare’s dark web monitoring service helps your organization achieve a proactive cybersecurity posture, prevent targeted attacks and mitigate cyber threats in a timely manner.

Identify Leaked Credentials

Flare enables you to automatically scan the dark, deep, and clear web for leaked or stolen account credentials. This approach empowers you to proactively identify these credentials for sale on the dark web and prevent data breaches before malicious actors exploit them.

Additionally, being aware of employees using their corporate email accounts on external sites allows your organization to proactively remediate and prevent data breaches.

Detect Targeted Threats

Flare generates real-time alerts if your company or assets are mentioned on the dark, deep, or clear web. The platform creates and maintains a dynamic map of your digital footprint, and uses proprietary technology to cache the dark web, providing you with anonymity and allowing you to gather threat intel with far less risk than if you were actively monitoring the dark web yourself.

Prevent Account Takeover Attacks

When a customer creates an account or resets his password, his new credentials are compared in real-time with those stored in Flare. If a match is found, our system will suspect an account takeover attempt and you will be alerted immediately that the credentials are not secure and that he/she should use a different password.

With Flare:

Decrease dark web investigation time by10x
Cut data leak incident response costs by95%
Monitor 9.4 Billion

leaked credentials

Dark Web Monitoring with Flare Gives You

Contextualized & Prioritized Data

Flare provides a powerful digital risk and footprint scoring system that cuts through the noise and provides you a list of prioritized threats.

AI Assisted Cyber Security

The Flare platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of malicious actors on the dark web. This insight provides our customers with the ability to proactively identify dark web threats and ensure that those threats are remediated.

Actionable Alerts

Flare’s prioritization engine creates actionable alerts that enable you to filter through the noise and identify threats that pose a risk to your organization.

Learn more about proactive dark web threat detection

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Dark Web FAQs:

What is the dark web?

The Dark Web is a vast and treacherous underground in which malicious actors buy and sell stolen credentials, account access, and hacking tools. Failing to monitor the dark web can be costly to organizations – by some estimates over 700 million dollars in illicit business was conducted in 2019 alone.

What types of information are sold on the dark web?

Here are some common types of data you might find on the dark web:

  • Personal Health Records (PHI)
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Exposed Technical Data & Source Codes
  • Names, Birthdays, and Security Question Answers
  • Email Address Credentials
  • Other Compromised Credentials
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as home addresses
  • Financial data, bank accounts, and credit cards
  • Software Source Code
  • Company Proprietary information

What is dark web monitoring?

Illicit Markets and underground forums facilitate the purchase of hacking tools and the monetization of stolen data. Malicious actors come together on large-scale illicit markets, forums and chat rooms, to trade hacking tools and sell stolen data. Their actions generate billions of data points that provide us with actionable intelligence. Flare monitors that criminal underground and provides prioritized cyber threat intelligence in real-time.