Unified, Easy to Use, Threat Exposure Management.

Today’s visionary CISO’s are looking outside the network to detect & remediate exposure that could leave them vulnerable. Flare’s SaaS platform automatically detects threats across the dark & clear web ranging from secrets leakage on public GitHub to stealer logs with corporate credentials being sold in private Telegram rooms.

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Flare provides high-quality structured data from thousands of sources with autonomous takedowns and automated event contextualization using AI Language Models. Flare unifies coverage across thousands of sources of external risk that are often the initial vectors Threat Actors use to launch attacks.

Dark Web

Source code

Fast moving chat
and forum platforms

Leak paste
and dump sites

Cloud Buckets and documents

Many more


Connect Flare to your
using our powerful

How is Flare Different?

Easy to Work With,
Easy to Use

Onboarding and setup are easy, with one-on-one support and unlimited users. And Flare’s interface and alert system saves your team precious time.

Minimum Viable Information

Flare provides real-time alerts and intelligence from an ever-expanding array of dark, deep and clear web sources — including the illicit platforms malicious actors use.

Autonomous Takedown

Cut down on the manual effort of tracking and accessing complex sources, and always keep an eye on what’s most important to you by prioritizing the search and monitoring of your preferred sources.

Unlimited Seats

Flare’s AI-driven system and structured data provides your security team with sophisticated analysis to prioritize threats and take action to protect your company’s brand and sensitive data. So you never miss something important.

Easy to Work With,
Easy to Use

Most customers have set up and integrated Flare in 30-minutes and training on the platform takes less than an hour. Flare’s intuitive UI & AI Language Capabilities automatically structure, enrich, and contextualize events.

Minimum Viable Information

Security Operations teams deal with innumerable alerts on a daily basis. We focus on providing the minimum viable information for an event that you can take action on. Cutting out the noise and providing actionable data that reduces risk.

Autonomous Takedown

Flare goes further than simply detecting threats – we’re using language models to automate lookalike domain & accidental disclosure takedowns.

Unlimited Seats

At Flare we believe intelligence should enrich every part of a security program, from security operations to incident response. That’s why our pricing model is based on the number of assets monitored and includes unlimited access to the API, Unlimited Seats, and unlimited access to a powerful global search bar that identifies events from across our entire collection.

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Features – Built to work better

Single Sign-On


User Collaboration




Rest API

Threat Exposure Management,

Gartner estimates that companies implementing Threat Exposure Management processes will see a 66% decline in Data Breach Risk by 2026 (1). Flare acts as a single, unified platform to detect & remediate threats across the dark and clear web.

Credential leak detection due to human error

Penetration testing and
red teaming acceleration

Github Monitoring for source code and secrets leakage

Data breach prevention and
early detection

Dark web detection of organization or employee name, domain, IP, and other key information

Misconfigured servers, S3 bucket and cloud permissions identification

Account takeover prevention

Paste and dump site monitoring for sensitive technical data, and even PII

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Automated Threat Exposure Detection & Remediation for Security Teams

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