Digital footprint monitoring for healthcare

Rapidly detect PHI leaks, map your external attack surface, and monitor the dark web.

Healthcare organizations face a uniquely challenging data privacy and compliance environment. Flare provides healthcare organizations a seamless way to monitor the deep, dark and clear web for data leaks, stolen credentials, and malicious actor activity related to their business.

Healthcare faces unique cybersecurity challenges

Healthcare security teams and CISO’s face unique challenges in today’s IT environment. PHI is largely digitized but security is heavily regulated and a data breach can cost hundreds of thousands to millions in reputational damage and fines. CISO’s and security teams are often forced to constantly react to data leaks, compliance issues, and cyberattacks.

Healthcare security teams are faced with:

Difficulty Monitoring Proactively

Healthcare Cybersecurity Teams are often challenged to proactively identify data leaks and stolen credentials. When they do have time to monitor the dark web, they are often using manual, inefficient, and time intensive processes.

Manual Processes and Slow Remediation

Unautomated dark web monitoring can lead to manual and time-consuming processes to detect breaches, which can take an average of 287 days to identify and contain.

An Ever-Increasing Digital Footprint

The ever-changing dark web landscape — new markets, new techniques, and the general breadth of dark web data sources — make it extremely difficult for cybersecurity analysts to manually map an organization’s complete digital footprint. This is particularly true for healthcare organizations given that PHi is one of the most valuable types of data sold.

Flare enables healthcare organizations to proactively monitor their external security environment

Flare provides a proactive platform for healthcare organizations to monitor the deep, dark, and clear web for data leaks, credentials theft, and other cyber threats.


Flares advantage for healthcare organizations include:

Your Contextualized Digital Footprint

Flare provides a powerful digital risk and footprint scoring system that enables leadership to understand how their organization’s footprint is evolving over time. This data can be used to foster a cycle of continuous improvement and iteration with real-time feedback as your digital footprint changes.

Contextualized and Prioritized Data

Flare provides a powerful digital risk and footprint scoring system that cuts through the noise and provides you a list of prioritized threats.

AI Assisted Cyber Security

The Flare platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of malicious actors on the dark web. This insight allows users to proactively identify emerging threats across their cybersecurity environment.

Flare benefits

Flare provides external attack surface management that enables analysts to work faster and more effectively by eliminating noise and allowing security professionals to focus on high-risk publicly facing assets.

Proactively Monitor for Data Leakage

Proactively Monitor for Data Leakage

Hospitals and healthcare organizations often have sensitive data such as PHI and PII stored across the enterprise. Employees can easily unintentionally leak data through insecure means that ends up on the deep or dark web. Flare enables healthcare organizations to automatically and proactively monitor for data leakage across hundreds of sources.

Detect Targeted Threats

Detect Targeted Threats

Flare generates real-time alerts if your company or assets are mentioned on the dark, deep, or clear web. The platform creates and maintains a dynamic map of your digital footprint, and uses proprietary technology to cache the dark web, providing you with anonymity and allowing you to gather threat intel with far less risk than if you were actively monitoring the dark web yourself.

Identify Misconfigured Servers

Identify Misconfigured Servers

Cloud permissions can be easily misconfigured. One improperly configured S3 bucket can leak sensitive employee data, technical data, or customer information to the wider web. Flare enables you to receive real-time notification of S3 storage and other cloud data that could put your company at risk.

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