Unified Cyber Risk & Fraud Monitoring for Financial Services

Seamlessly detect data leaks, stolen credentials & fraud schemes

Financial Institutions continue to be the most targeted industries by malicious actors due to the unique information they handle. Whether it’s a phishing attack, skimming or card-not-present fraud, there are numerous dark web schemes being used to collect personal and financial data of financial services and their clients.

With complete visibility and coverage provided by a threat exposure management platform, financial services can be confident in their digital infrastructure.

Banking security teams have a lot to worry about. Banks are rated as one of the most targeted industries by malicious actors due to the opportunity for financial theft and the criticality of the services provided.

Banks need to worry about protecting customer accounts from attempts at monetary and reward point theft, customer privacy, as well as more typically cyberattacks such as ransomware and distributed denial of service attacks.

Banking security teams often struggle to:

Understand their attack surface

Cybersecurity analysts face difficulties when trying to manually map their organization’s attack surface especially when it comes to the external attack surface. Banks have an extensive attack surface that can put both customers and employees at risk. Shadow IT and other threats lurk in the background and are often unknown to security teams until it’s too late.

Manage dozens of tools

The unique nature of banking cybersecurity requires an array of tools. Unfortunately this results in an ad-hoc and disorganized approach that can consume extensive amounts of time and resources, with limited results to show for it. Internally-built cybersecurity tools can cause problems in the long run — requiring constant employee maintenance — not to mention the risk of the lone developer with the know-how leaving the company.

Find the signal in the noise

Banking security analysts that are monitoring their organization’s attack surface still face an extremely noisy dataset. The datasets showcase general intelligence and do not provide easy to understand actionable intelligence that is prioritized by cyber risk level.

Combat reward points & financial fraud on the deep and dark web

Banking security teams have a lot to worry about. Protecting their employee accounts, customer accounts, regulated data, while meeting numerous compliance requirements such as the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation is enormously challenging. Security analysts often find it difficult to proactively identify financial fraud and reward point scams against their customers on the deep and dark web.

Flare enables rapid identification & prioritization external threats

Flare enables financial institutions to proactively monitor their digital footprint to identify data leaks, stolen credentials for sale, and malicious actor fraud schemes.


Flare’s advantages for financial companies include:

Your Contextualized Digital Footprint

Flare provides a powerful digital risk and footprint scoring system that enables leadership to understand how their organization’s footprint is evolving over time. This data can be used to foster a cycle of continuous improvement and iteration with real-time feedback as your digital footprint changes.

Contextualized and Prioritized Data

Flare provides a powerful digital risk and footprint scoring system that cuts through the noise and provides you a list of prioritized threats.

AI Assisted Cyber Security

The Flare platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of malicious actors on the dark web. This insight allows users to proactively identify emerging threats across their cybersecurity environment.

All-in-one monitoring sources

Flare goes where most company can’t and your security team doesn’t have time to look. We can search the following sources for stolen credentials, data leaks, and other concerning items 24/7/365.

AI prioritization with transparency

Once we have found and validated online data elements, we apply the latest in artificial intelligence technology to help you understand them in context to your digital footprint and which should be prioritized for action. However, there is no “black box” AI getting in the way of the data. You receive the full source information for each artifact with a broad, unified search engine for your own validation.

Contextualized prioritization

Transparent data collection and presentation

Broad, unified search

Quieter, relevant alerts in real time

This approach means you receive quieter, real-time alerts that keep you from being inundated with random and low-level issues. You’re able to quickly remediate the issues that mean the most to you more quickly.

Combat Fraud and Reward Points Scams at Scale

Combat Fraud and Reward Points Scams at Scale

It’s no secret that banking customers are often the target of fraud and reward point scams. Flare enables you to seamlessly monitor dozens of dark web networks to enable rapid identification of planned attacks and accounts for sale, enabling you to disrupt cyberattacks against your customers.

Decrease Dark Web Investigation Time

Decrease Dark Web Investigation Time

Many of our financial services customers dramatically reduce the time it takes to investigate threats on the dark web through Flare’s easy to set up identifiers. Most organizations can be fully operational on the platform within 1 business day, and will begin receiving actionable intelligence on day 2.

Visualize and Manage Your External Attack Surface

Visualize and Manage Your External Attack Surface

Flare provides external attack surface management that enables analysts to work faster and more effectively by eliminating noise and allowing security professionals to focus on high-risk publicly facing assets. Our SaaS platform monitors hundreds of sources and provides prioritized alerting when high risk issues are detected.

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