Flare for Security Executives

Flare enables cybersecurity executives to upskill employees and reduce enterprise risk

Hiring cybersecurity professionals is hard

Automated monitoring can help your team.
Security budgets are increasingly stretched by the security talent shortage combined with increasing salaries industry-wide. Flare enables CISO’s and Infosec Executives to do more with less. Our SaaS platform automatically detects data leaks across hundreds of sources and performs the function of a 24/7/365 threat reconnaissance team. We can enable your team to actively identify and remediate risks.

Flare Enables Security
Teams to do more with Less

Security teams are constantly overwhelmed responding to incidents, prioritizing alerts, and identifying data leaks across the business. Flare enables security teams through:

AI based prioritization

Flare’s AI based platform automatically prioritizes alerts to match what security teams need to know.

Easy setup

Setting up Flare isn’t a months-long process. Our platform set up typically takes less than 4 hours and begins producing actionable intelligence on day 1.

Wide coverage

Flare monitors hundreds of sources including dark web marketplaces, telegram channels, pastebin dumps, and git environments.

CISO’s have a lot to worry about

Between identifying new talent, managing an information security program and meeting compliance requirements, they don’t have time to keep an eye on their digital footprint risk.

What can CISOs do with Flare?

Flare enables CISO’s and security executives to upskill their existing team, add another layer of protection for the organization, and proactively detect and remediate data leaks and other security incidents.

Upskill your team

Upskill your team

Flare enables CISO’s and InfoSec execs to upskill their existing team. Reducing the need to hire additional talent and enabling the existing team to provide more value

Enable a Proactive Cybersecurity Approach

Enable a Proactive Cybersecurity Approach

Flare helps CISOs proactively remediate data leaks, stolen credentials, secret leaks, and other threats enabling proactive cybersecurity.

Reduce Risk across the Enterprise

Reduce Risk across the Enterprise

Flare enables CISO’s to reduce risk across departments by effectively monitoring for data leaks, credentials for sale on the dark web, and other risks.

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