Attackers Shouldn’t Have
The Information Advantage

Flare’s Threat Exposure Management solution integrates into your security program in 30 minutes to provide your team with actionable intelligence and automated remediation for threats across the clear & dark web.

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Check out our case studies to see real life examples of how security teams use Flare to reduce risk.

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How Flare Is Different

Flare unifies monitoring of thousands of cybercrime communities & clear web sites to proactively detect the threats that lead to ransomware attacks, data breaches, and security incidents.

Ease of Use

We’re building a radically easy to use platform that leverages the latest in generative AI and excellent user experience to help organizations build world-class threat led cybersecurity programs.


Proprietary Data Collection

We’ve tailored Flare’s coverage to provide high-fidelity, actionable intelligence that is specific to your organization. Flare’s data sets are custom built and include an archived copy of the dark web with 7 years of historical data, a proprietary stealer logs dataset built across thousands of sources, and an industry leading collection approach to Telegram.

How Flare Works


Built for Security Teams That Want Less SAAS Tools

Flare unifies the core elements of a Cyber Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Protection, and External Attack Surface Management into a simple, flexible, and powerful threat exposure management solution to monitor your organization across the clear & dark web. Our average customer replaces 3-5 SaaS and open source tools by adopting Flare.


Curated Threat Detection Across the Clear & Dark Web

Flare focuses on providing actionable, high-value alerts for company name mentions, leaked credentials, public GitHub disclosure, stealer logs and other organization specific threats across the clear & dark web – without the noise. Our intuitive SaaS platform has close to a decade of archived data from thousands of cybercrime communities & enables real time searching and continuous monitoring.

Monitor the Dark Web & Illicit Communities

Simple, Effective Monitoring for Dark Web Forums, Markets, Infected Device Marketplaces, and thousands of Illicit communities across the clear & dark web.

Human Error & Exposure Monitoring

Proactively detect leaked secrets from public GitHub repositories, paste sites, and other public forums.

Understand Your Attack Surface

Get unified visibility into open ports, data leaks, and threat actors selling your information across the clear & dark web.


Integrate Actionable Intelligence across Your Security Function

The average Flare customer is set up and running in 30 minutes with our easy to use dark web monitoring platform.

We’ve built native integrations with leading SIEM, SOAR, and ticketing solutions along with a robust REST API that enables you to seamlessly integrate Flare’s threat exposure data into different security functions.


96% of Customers Renew with Flare

Check out our case studies to see real life examples of how security teams use Flare to reduce risk.

Found a $100 Infected Device Listing in Record Time to Prevent Potentially Millions of Dollars in Damages

See how one of North Americas top investment firms used Flare’s platform to prevent a major portfolio company breach.

Large North American Bank Significantly Cuts Incident Response Costs

See how one of North America’s largest banks streamlined sensitive data leak monitoring. They were able to cut incident response costs by 95%.

Reduce Dark Web Investigation Time by 10x

A North American managed security service provider (MSSP) unlocked new revenue streams and reduced dark web investigation time by 10x.

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