Flare for Compliance

Improve Your Compliance Posture with Threat Exposure Management

Flare Threat Exposure Management helps customers meet higher compliance standards by enabling broader visibility across a variety of threat exposures while addressing requirements related to threat intelligence, third-party risk, and incident response.
GRC's Ultimate Cybersecurity Solution

What Your GRC Team Will
Love about Flare

Flare brings together threat intelligence, digital risk protection, and attack surface management in a powerful, flexible solution. With unlimited seats, collaboration between GRC and SecOps teams is seamless, enhancing overall security.


Flare unifies the core elements of a threat intelligence, digital risk protection, and attack surface management into a simple, flexible, and powerful threat exposure management solution.


You don’t need to be a threat hunting master to use Flare. The platform is genuinely easy to use and typically set up in 30 minutes, making it accessible to security professionals of all skill levels.


Unlimited seat count means anyone at your organization can use Flare, presenting a unique collaboration opportunity for GRC and SecOps teams, leading to an improved overall security posture.

Robust Integrations

Easily integrate with SIEM, SOAR, Ticketing, and other core systems for alignment with existing security workflows.

“Flare was purchased to enable and turbocharge 3 separate use cases that met our needs as a heavily regulated global entity. The primary use cases we were working to fulfill was to build a threat intelligence program, perform deep searches for exposures to our intellectual property and effectively monitor the security posture of our critical 3rd party vendors. After a competitive process that included an initial 22 different toolsets we selected Flare as the tool that was able to meet our requirements.”

- CISO, Transportation Industry

How Flare Fits in
with Frameworks and Laws

Solving compliance challenges is a cumulative and ongoing effort with many moving parts. Investing in Flare can contribute to a better cybersecurity compliance posture for the following laws and frameworks.


Improve your compliance posture by accounting for a variety of threat exposures and vulnerabilities.


ISO 27001 (International)

Annex A Control 5.7: Threat Intelligence requires organizations to collect, analyze, and produce threat intelligence regarding information security threat

PHIPA (Canada)

SOC 2 (International)

NIS2 (Europe)

SEC Cybersecurity Requirements (USA)

automatically detects threats

What Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is?

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is an emerging strategic security program that integrates cyber threat intelligence (CTI), digital risk protection (DRP), external attack surface management (EASM), and other functions.

This convergence enables organizations to proactively identify, prioritize, and respond to the types of exposure threat actors most commonly leverage to attack companies.

Flare’s platform serves as the focal point for integrating exposure management throughout the security function creating continuous risk reduction and improving compliance posture.

CTEM is Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trend for 2024

Companies implementing Threat Exposure Management processes will see a 66% decline in data breach risk by 2026

60% of organizations are actively developing or considering implementing a Continuous Threat Exposure Management Program

Flare Compliance Use Cases

Empower your organization by navigating compliance challenges with comprehensive Flare solutions

Governance Risk and Compliance

Get Ahead of the Changing Compliance Landscape

Third-Party Risk

Innovative Supply Chain Threat Exposure Detection

Incident Response

Augment Incident Response Plans and Playbooks

Threat Intelligence

Satisfy Common Threat Intelligence Requirements