Data Leak Monitoring

Proactively Identify and remediate data leaks before malicious actors exploit them.

Today, data breaches have become increasingly common and data leakage can occur through accidents, physical data leakage, and malicious internal or external actors. A data leak monitoring platform is necessary to proactively identify these sensitive data leaks before malicious actors exploit them.

Data can slip through the cracks

To effectively monitor the vast web for sensitive data leaks, analysts are often forced to use a variety of tools. Many companies still find themselves missing critical data leaks that malicious actors subsequently use to compromise the organization.

When organizations have blind spots and a data leak becomes a breach, it can take an average of 287 days to find and remediate that breach.

Add 24/7 data leakage detection

If data is outside an organization’s “perimeter,” identifying, prioritizing that digital risk is essential. A constant monitoring platform increases visibility of the types and causes of data leaks, placing organizations on proactive cybersecurity footing.

Why do you need data leak monitoring?

Lack of

As the attack surface increases, data leaks and breaches have also increased. Currently organizations face coverage issues that prevent them from finding data leaks before they become data breaches.

Types of Data Leaks
are Increasing

Data leaks can present themselves through multiple avenues. A developer may leave sensitive code on Github, an employee’s credentials may leak from an external breach, or a data leak may surface up on a site like Pastebin. Organizations need proactive continuous monitoring of the different ways your data can leak.

Human Error is

The more data an organization handles, the higher the chance for it to be exposed by human error. According to a recent IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report, “Human error was a major contributing cause in 95% of all breaches.”

Organizations need a data leak monitoring platform that can help them find data leaks before they become breaches.

Catch data leaks and prevent
data breaches

Flare enables you to automatically scan the dark, deep, and clear web for your organization’s leaked data, whether it be technical data, source code, leaked credentials or secrets. This approach enables you to proactively identify sensitive data leaks and prevent data breaches before malicious actors utilize them.

Monitor Github for Source Code and Secrets leakage

Many organizations focus their efforts around protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements. However, a source code leak can just as easily compromise an organization. Flare seamlessly enables you to easily monitor online code repositories for accidentally leaked information.

Detect Data Leakage due to Human Error

Software development teams are increasingly a mix of full-time employees and contractors. While this can boost productivity, it can also lead to mistakes and secrets being committed to production environments. Attackers often perform routine checks on Github to identify secrets that could be used in cyberattacks. Flare automatically monitors for secrets and alerts your security team to an accidental commit. 

Identify Leaked Credentials and prevent account takeover

Flare enables you to automatically scan the dark, deep, and clearweb for leaked or stolen account credentials. This approach enables you to proactively identify these credentials for sale on the dark web and prevent data breaches before malicious actors exploit them.

Additionally, being aware of employees using their corporate email accounts on external sites allows organizations to proactively remediate and prevent data breaches.

Monitor Anonymous Sharing websites

Password dumps, sensitive technical data, and even PII are regularly posted on Pastebin and other anonymous sharing sites (bin sites). Flare enables you to effortlessly monitor for mentions of your company or email domain.

With Flare:

Cut incident response costs by95%
Monitor9.4 Billion

leaked credentials

Data Leak Monitoring with Flare
Gives You


Most organizations today are reacting to attempted network intrusions and threats. Flare lets you proactively identify data leaks and remediate risks before a data breach occurs.

Actionable Alerts

Flare’s prioritization engine creates actionable alerts that enable you to filter through the noise and identify threats that pose a risk to your organization.

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