Threat Exposure Management for Tech

Continually monitor external risk environments to remediate data and sensitive information leaks

Tech companies often have a distributed remote workforce and unique data and compliance requirements. In addition, many tech firms use developers located all over the world. Flare provides an easy way for organizations to seamlessly continuously monitor their external environment for technical data leaks, stolen credentials and other threats.

As attack surfaces increase, visibility decreases for tech firms.

As organizations use more digital tools and services, their external attack surface and the number of attack vectors that are available to malicious actors increase. Tech firms are particularly at risk due to the distributed nature their workforces and the multitude of tools used by developers.

Tech company security teams struggle with:

An Ever-Increasing Digital Footprint

This makes the possibility of an exploitation of attack vectors from misconfigured cloud servers, leaked credentials and external source code repositories more likely. Many cybersecurity analysts address these threats reactively, not proactively, and without a complete understanding of the organization’s attack surface.

Intellectual Property and Customer Data Protection

In addition, tech firms are a common victim of targeted attacks since many have proprietary source code and highly sensitive customer data to steal. This makes preventing account takeover attacks a high-priority as they can lead to data breaches and even third and fourth party malware distribution or data loss.

Flare enables tech companies to effortlessly monitor sources that matter.

Flare’s platform enables security and IT teams to set up alerts to trigger on information that matters to them.


Flare’s advantages for technology companies include:

Your Contextualized Digital Footprint

Flare provides a powerful digital risk and footprint scoring system that enables leadership to understand how their organization’s footprint is evolving over time. This data can be used to foster a cycle of continuous improvement and iteration with real-time feedback as your digital footprint changes.

AI-Assisted Cyber Security

The Flare platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of malicious actors on the dark web. This insight provides our customers with the ability to proactively identify dark web threats and ensure that those threats are remediated.

Actionable Alerts

Flare’s prioritization engine creates actionable alerts that enable you to filter through the noise and identify threats that pose a risk to your organization.

Detect Targeted Threats

Detect Targeted Threats

Flare generates real-time alerts if your company or assets are mentioned on the dark, deep, or clear web. The platform creates and maintains a dynamic map of your digital footprint, and uses proprietary technology to cache the dark web, providing you with anonymity and allowing you to gather threat intel with far less risk than if you were actively monitoring the dark web yourself.

Prevent Account Takeover Attacks

Prevent Account Takeover Attacks

When a customer creates an account or resets his password, his new credentials are compared in real-time with those stored in Flare. If a match is found, our system will suspect an account takeover attempt and you will be alerted immediately that the credentials are not secure and that he/she should use a different password.

Detect Data Leakage Due to Human Error

Detect Data Leakage Due to Human Error

Software development teams are increasingly a mix of full-time employees and contractors. While this can boost productivity, it can also lead to mistakes and secrets being committed to production environments. Attackers often perform routine checks on Github to identify secrets that could be used in cyberattacks. Flare automatically monitors for secrets and alerts your security team to an accidental commit.

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