Threat Spotlight: Dark Web Data Breaches

Executive Summary There are 10 billion stolen credentials on the dark web. They continue to be one of the top means of compromise for cyberattacks and could lead to disastrous data breaches for individuals and organizations. Flare’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Yohan Trépanier Montpetit and Director of Marketing Eric Clay talk through the findings […]

Video – Illicit Communities in 2022: Key Trends to Monitor for Illicit Communities on the Dark Web, Telegram, and Clear Web

illicit community webinar

What’s going on with the ever-shifting world of cybercrime? Threat actors are flocking to instant messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord, and threat intelligence teams must stay on top of this move.  Flare’s Threat Intelligence Specialist Barrett Reader digs into dark web trends including: Hear more about why malicious actors are increasingly spending time on […]

Video – The New Front in Warfare: Cyber Warfare & Security in the 21st Century

michael morell webinar

In today’s age, global conflicts have a digital shadow that can impact individuals and businesses alike. Ever wondered how these cyber dimensions of worldwide tensions resonate with our daily lives? Or what the future holds in this era of cyber warfare? In this conversation, former acting CIA Director Michael Morell joins Flare’s CEO Norman Menz […]

Video – The State of the Dark Web in 2022

state of dark web 2022 video

With over 15 billion credentials for sale on the dark web, what does the dark web landscape look like for threat actors, and how can cyber analysts stay ahead of them? Flare’s VP of Marketing Eric Clay speaks with CTO & Co-Founder Mathieu Lavoie, and they cover: Watch to learn about the 2022 threat landscape:

8 Passive OSINT Methods for Profiling Cybercriminals on the Dark Web

Gradient blue background. There is a light orange oval with the white text "BLOG" inside of it. Below it there's white text: "8 Passive OSINT Methods for Profiling Cybercriminals on the Dark Web" There is white text underneath that which says "Learn More" with a light orange arrow pointing down.

Cybercrime is ever present in the increasingly digital landscape. Experts say that almost six ransomware attacks will occur every minute and back in November, 2021, our data science team reported a 280% increase in ransomware groups within the last year. But that’s only ransomware, cybercrime in general has also been increasing at a rapid pace, […]