Flare Reseller Program

Expanding partner reach.
Increasing partner value.

Flare is on a mission to help small and medium businesses take control of their digital footprints — limiting the effort it takes to lower their security risks. We’re always looking for strategic partners who share our values and aims, and want to share success while doing it.

Resellers + Flare

Work together to help more customers manage their digital risk. Because simpler security should not be a luxury

Co-develop next-generation solutions to solve emerging cyber and intellectual property risks

Share in generating customer value and greater revenue opportunities

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How we work with Resellers


Flare brings the technology. You bring the business. Together, we solve more problems.


Our platform is built to be flexible and serve many high-data industries. Together, we can help more companies see that benefit.


As digital footprints expand and get more complicated, we can work together to expand the knowledge and marketplace of thought.

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We would love to discuss how partnering with flare can expand your market reach and increase your stakeholder value.

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