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Adding proactive, automated digital risk protection to your solution portfolio can help to enhance visibility into multiple environments, cut through the alert noise to eliminate false positives, and help you gain a competitive edge.

MSSPs + Flare

Expand external threat protection

Create business opportunities

Increase revenue

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We understand the
pain points of MSSPs.

Large MSSP customer bases come with the need for tailored solutions. Every customer may have the same general security needs, but the way they need them met can be wildly different.

This can present a number of challenges:
  • Inconsistent processes
  • Over-worked SOC analysts
  • Excessive security noise and dwell times

— all resulting in resource constraints that prevent you from addressing novel external threats. The bottom line? Expanding client portfolios with expanding digital footprints mean more risk.

Flare has your customers
(and you) covered.

Our external attack surface management platform uses tailored cyber threat intelligence to help your SOC be more effective by instantly detecting external threats and digital risks.
Monitor and manage your customers’ digital footprint across the deep, dark, and clear web to prevent data and brand exposure.

Flare works for MSSPs of any size.

  • Managed Security Services (MSS)
  • Smaller Managed Service Providers (MSPs) expanding into basic security
  • Enterprise IT companies and large service firms that deliver cybersecurity services
  • Managed Detection and Response companies (MDR)
  • Security Service Providers

With Flare by your side

Boost operational efficiency

Enhance existing assessments

Augment existing managed services

Introduce new revenue

Increase customer retention
through intelligence

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Create New Revenue Opportunities
& Improve Customer Security


Flare’s interface and alert system make it easy for your analysts to use, saving them precious time.


Flare actively collects data from illicit platforms malicious actors use to provide your team with real-time alerts and intelligence reports.


You can customize and prioritize monitoring sources based on customer needs. Cover your entire customer-base with one flexible platform.


You can customize and prioritize monitoring sources based on customer needs. Cover your entire customer-base with one flexible platform.

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