Flare for Cyber Threat Intelligence Teams

Flare provides CTI teams with an intuitive, unified platform to gather operational and tactical threat intelligence.

CTI Teams are Exhausted with Noise

The average CTI team has too many dashboards, tools, alerts, and pricing models to manage. This leads to lower efficiency and huge amounts of noise that analysts need to manually sort through.

Our Core Differentiators

Flare is used by CTI teams including Fortune 10 companies and software startups to cut down on noise and wasted time, focusing analysts on the threats that matter.

Go Beyond the Two-Dimensional Event Feed.

Three-Dimensional Dark Web Search

Flare provides CTI teams with advanced Dark Web search capabilities focused on delivering curated security intelligence. Dark web results are structured, normalized, and aggregated turning dozens of redundant signals into a single event that can be used to pivot between data points and take action on threats. Flare reduces the time analysts spend sifting through noisy irrelevant data and provides meaningful results.

Threat Actor Analytics

Enterprise CTI teams can dive deeper with advanced features that empower analysts to view a threat actor’s entire history and answer questions like “is this threat actor targeting my organization specifically?” Our Similar Actor Detection Model takes Dark Web monitoring a step further and uses natural language processing to identify threat actor speech patterns, and allows analysts to cluster actors together. CTI teams can then begin mapping relationships between malicious actors, groups, and forums to understand risks to their organization.

Structured, Actionable Data

Flare automates information gathering and structuring to empower analysts with clear and relevant data with a focus on providing key elements of context to events, and providing CTI teams with the ability to dive deep into specific actors & areas of risk.

CTI Teams need Clear, Actionable Data

Flare provides actionable, operational threat intelligence data that can be easily used to support teams across the enterprise.

Billions of data points monitored


Millions of Threat Actor Profiles Archived


Decrease dark web investigation time by

0 x

Benefits to CTI teams

Improve Attribution & Tracking

Improve Attribution & Tracking

Flare’s Threat Actor Analytics empowers CTI teams to improve their approach to attributing events to specific actors and groups.

Reduce Unnecesary Noise

Reduce Unnecesary Noise

Flare provides contextualized, structured, and relevant results to CTI teams based on custom search terms driven by an AI prioritization.

Upskill Entry Level Analysts

Upskill Entry Level Analysts

Flare is an intuitive, but powerful tool used by Fortune 50 CTI teams and entry level analysts alike. We focused on building a flexible but powerful tool that equips practitioners with decades of offensive security experience – built into the platform.

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We are so confident that you will find value from Flare, that we offer a 100% free trial with no sales call required so that you can see our platform in action.

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