External Attack Surface Management

Proactively Remediate Digital Risk on Your External Attack Surface

Flare generates a real-time view of your external attack surface — enabling analysts to work faster and more effectively by eliminating noise and allowing security professionals to focus on high-risk publicly facing assets. Equip your team with a proactive EASM platform to prevent incidents and remediate external threats.

The Growing Attack Surface: Challenge of Maintaining Visibility

As organizations use more digital tools and services, their external attack surface and the number of attack vectors that are available to malicious actors increase.

This makes the possibility of an exploitation of attack vectors from misconfigured cloud servers, leaked credentials and external source code repositories more likely. Many cybersecurity analysts address these threats reactively, not proactively, and without a complete understanding of the organization’s attack surface.

Automate and Scale Threat Detection Across Millions of Dark Web Data Points

As the attack surface expands, cybersecurity analysts need to find new solutions that proactively prevent cybersecurity attacks. Currently organizations monitor multiple channels manually using a variety of tools and still encounter coverage issues.

What Can You Overcome with Flare’s Automated External Attack Surface Management Platform?

Incomplete Coverage

Cybersecurity analysts face difficulties when trying to manually map their organization’s attack surface especially when it comes to the external attack surface. The attack vectors found in the external attack surface are in most cases accidental or go “under the radar”. An example of this would be Shadow IT related risk that an analyst would not account for due to the nature of how the solution is used in the organization.

Too Many Cybersecurity Tools

If organization’s do monitor the external attack surface, they likely monitor multiple channels using a variety of tools. This results in an ad-hoc and disorganized approach that can consume extensive amounts of time and resources, with limited results to show for it. Internally-built cybersecurity tools can cause problems in the long run — requiring constant employee maintenance — not to mention the risk of the lone developer with the know-how leaving the company.

Noisy Cyber Threat Data

Cybersecurity analysts that are monitoring their organization’s attack surface still face an extremely noisy dataset. The datasets showcase general intelligence and do not provide easy to understand actionable intelligence that is prioritized by cyber risk level.

Organizations need a complete attack surface mapping solution that unifies external monitoring capabilities behind a single pane of glass.

Reducing the External Attack Surface with Flare

Flare provides external attack surface management that enables analysts to work faster and more effectively by eliminating noise and allowing security professionals to focus on high-risk publicly facing assets.

Identify Leaked Credentials

Keep an Eye on GitHub: Source Code and Secrets Leak Monitoring

Many organizations focus their efforts around protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements. However, a source code leak can just as easily compromise an organization. Flare seamlessly enables you to easily monitor online code repositories for accidentally leaked information.

Track and Spot Human Error-Caused Data Leakages

Track and Spot Human Error-Caused Data Leakages

Software development teams are increasingly a mix of full-time employees and contractors. While this can boost productivity, it can also lead to mistakes and secrets being committed to production environments. Attackers often perform routine checks on Github to identify secrets that could be used in cyberattacks. Flare automatically monitors for secrets and alerts your security team to an accidental commit.

Protect Against Misconfigured Servers

Protect Against Misconfigured Servers

Cloud permissions can be easily misconfigured. One improperly configured S3 bucket can leak sensitive employee data, technical data, or customer information to the wider web. Flare enables you to receive real-time notification of S3 storage and other cloud data that could put your company at risk.

Stay Ahead of Threats on Anonymous
Sharing Websites

Stay Ahead of Threats on Anonymous Sharing Websites

Password dumps, sensitive technical data, and even PII are regularly posted on Pastebin and other anonymous sharing sites (bin sites). Flare enables you to effortlessly monitor for mentions of your company or email domain.

With Flare’s External Attack Surface Management
Platform You Can:

Cut incident response costs by

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Experience the Advantages of External Attack
Surface Management with Flare

Stay Notified with Real-Time Alerts

Monitor your external attack surface and get real time visibility into threats and data leaks.

Equip Your Analysts for Success

Upskill analysts to proactively hunt threats, stop data leaks, and reduce risk.

Respond Quickly with Actionable Intelligence

Flare’s AI driven prioritization engine filters the noise out and provides actionable intelligence that results in meaningful risk reduction.

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