About Flare


Why build Flare?

Flare was founded to empower organizations to proactively detect and remediate exposure across the clear & dark web, providing organizations with the equivalent of an automated cyber reconnaissance team.

MAY 2017

Creation of Flare

MAY 2018

First Customer

AUG 2018

First Web Interface

MAY 2019

Launch of Leaked Credentials Monitoring

MAR 2020

Launch of Source Code and GitHub Monitoring

APR 2020

Launch of Flare’s Easy-to-Use Interface

FEB 2021

Launch of Exposed Hosts Monitoring

MAY 2021

Launch of Flare’s First Integration with Azure Sentinel

JUN 2021

Flare Recognized in CyberTech100 2021 Global List

JUL 2021

Flare Wins Gold Globee® in Security Software Startup of The Year

JUL 2021

Flare Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

JAN 2022

Norman Menz Becomes CEO

APR 2022

Flare Launches New Logo and Branding

JUN 2022

Flare Announces Series A

MAR 2023

Flare Launches First Generative AI Product "AI Assist"

MAR 2024

Flare Acquires Foretrace to Accelerate Threat Exposure Management Growth

As the online world has grown, so have the digital footprints of connected organizations. Everyone is human (at least everyone we’ve met so far), and they can make mistakes that expose digital assets. Technical errors also occur that could leak information.

Flare takes a unique, combined approach of scientific methodology and AI-driven data collection to solve that problem. We go wherever information may be leaked and help prioritize the biggest exposures of a digital footprint.


What’s up with our name?

In maritime and search and rescue uses, flares are used in nighttime operations to illuminate broad areas on the ground, providing visibility. They can also be launched by parties in distress or lost hikers to help search and rescue teams pinpoint their location and rush assistance. It’s the same with our platform—continually providing visibility and drawing your attention to the most critical exposures of your digital assets so you can monitor or take action.

What sort of company is Flare?


We value two-way conversations, diversity and listening — to our clients, to the community, and to each other.


We care about giving people a balanced opportunity to grow and thrive.


We do what’s right, with no exceptions — always looking at the big picture and common good.


We don’t just do or build things for their own sake. We look to innovate the right way.


We take big risks, but we also know our own strengths and limitations, because that takes courage also.

Meet the Flare Team

Dedicated to helping companies take control of risk and take down threats.

Flare is a cohesive team that works hand in hand to help small and medium-sized businesses defend their digital footprint. We help companies continuously monitor threats caused by human error and malicious actors to protect their data, financial resources, and reputation. We are proud of how much our team has grown over the past years.

Working at Flare

If you’re all about building platforms that protect, there’s a Flare career in your future.