National Grocery Chain Protects Reputation with Automated Dark Web Monitoring

H.E.R.O.S. Inc Manages External Risks After Ransomware Attack, Saving Up to 500 Hours Per Year

The Customer “Before Flare we struggled to catch up to threat actors causing damage after finding customers’ leaked credentials. With Flare’s Threat Exposure Management (TEM) platform we’re staying on top of stolen accounts with automated monitoring and preventing fraud from happening in the first place.” – CTI Director, National Grocery Chain Manually monitoring for stolen […]

MSSP Secure Coders Upgrades Threat Exposure Monitoring for Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Gradient blue background. There is a green oval with the black text "Success Story" inside of it. Below it there's white text: "Exposure Monitoring for a Large Pharmaceutical Company."

“Even in the initial proof of concept for our pharmaceutical customer, we increased visibility of scale with several escalated alerts and gained knowledge of systems that showed significant risk.” -Secure Coders The Challenges A multinational pharmaceutical company had an information security program that lacked a comprehensive view of their exposure on the clear & dark […]

E-Commerce Giant Radically Simplifies GitHub Leak Monitoring

The Customer The Challenges “It was impossible before to keep track of all developer actions happening in GitHub for distributed multinational developer teams, but with Flare we know for sure that we’re monitoring everything accurately, automatically, and consistently.“ – CTI Analyst GitHub Leaks Code hosting platforms like GitHub are invaluable as developers collaborate from distributed […]

Private Equity Firm Prevents Possible Breach of Portfolio Company

How Flare Helped a Top North American Investment Firm Prevent a Portfolio Company Breach

The Customer “We very likely narrowly avoided a catastrophic network intrusion for our portfolio company. The ROI on Flare’s monitoring is massive, as a strong cybersecurity posture is extremely important throughout the venture cycle.” – Private Equity Firm The Challenge A Single Cookie or Email Login Can Cause a Massive Data Breach There have been […]

Bank Prevented a Potentially Costly Breach

bank prevented a potentially costly breach

  A large Canadian financial institution, who is Flare Systems’ customer and would prefer to remain anonymous, explains how it prevented a potentially costly breach with Firework. Download the Full Success Story

Bank Success Story – Monitoring the criminal underground

bank success story cybersecurity

  A large Canadian financial institution, who is Flare Systems’ customer and would prefer to remain anonymous, explains why they chose Firework to monitor the criminal underground and protect their employees and customers sensitive information.