Flare’s AI Powered Assistant Ushers in the New Era of Cyber Threat Intelligence


Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Today, Flare announced Flare’s AI Powered Assistant feature to enhance security teams’ ability to respond to rapidly emerging threats. Flare’s AI Assistant leverages cutting edge large language models (LLMs) into Flare’s innovative exposure detection platform. 

This strategic move will empower cybersecurity teams to rapidly synthesize information, translate foreign language results from dark web forums & Telegram channels, and explain complex technical events, significantly enhancing their ability to protect organizations from rapidly emerging cyber threats.

Key benefits of integrating generative AI into the Flare platform include:

  1. Rapid Information Analysis: Flare’s AI Assistant leverages LLM’s advanced natural language processing capabilities to examine vast amounts of data and extract crucial insights in real-time, significantly speeding up the threat assessment process.
  2. Contextualized and Translated Reporting: Cybersecurity teams often face language barriers when dealing with global cyber threats. LLM’s ability to quickly translate complex foreign language dark web posts for human-readability can rapidly speed up investigations. 
  3. Explanation of Technical Events: Cyber threat events can be intricate and challenging to comprehend. LLM’s capacity to simplify and explain complex scenarios will aid cybersecurity teams in making well-informed decisions and swiftly implementing appropriate countermeasures.

“At Flare we believe that the utilization of AI advancements is the next step in our mission of democratizing cybersecurity for all,” said Norman Menz, CEO at Flare, “Threat actors are already leveraging AI applications to commit increasingly sophisticated cybercrimes at scale. We’re evolving with generative AI to overcome and exceed threat actors’ capabilities. With this approach, we empower cyber teams to better protect their organizations with the best technology available.” 

About Flare:

Flare is a leading external cyber risk monitoring provider based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2017, Flare enables organizations to protect their data, financial resources, and reputation by continuously monitoring threats caused by human error and malicious actors. Our technology improves visibility, enhances transparency and reduces mean-time-to-remediation (MTTR) by detecting and prioritizing data leaks and other cyber risks.

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Yuzuka Akasaka

Senior Content Manager

Yuzuka developed her copywriting skills through several years of content marketing and coaching + editing writing for students, journalists, C-suite leaders, local government officials, peers, and more. As Flare’s Senior Content Marketing Manager, Yuzuka engages cybersecurity professionals by creating and promoting interesting content about Flare’s capabilities and original cybersecurity research.

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