New Report from Flare Highlights Growing Cybercrime Threats to U.S. Healthcare Sector in 2023

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – November 21, 2023Flare, the leading continuous threat exposure management solution provider, has released a new report that highlights the increasing threats healthcare organizations are facing from cyberattackers. 

The report, “The Cybercrime Ecosystem and U.S. Healthcare in 2023”, examines the impact of cybercrime on the healthcare sector. Flare examined seven years of archived data from the dark web, 21 million stealer logs, and thousands of posts found on top-tier dark web forums to understand how cybercriminals are targeting healthcare and how the threat landscape is shifting for healthcare organizations. 

A variant of malware called infostealer is resulting in hundreds of thousands of corporate credentials being distributed on the dark web and Telegram, with an estimated 20% of U.S. healthcare organizations affected over the past six months. Flare has discovered that:

  • 19.4% of healthcare organizations have had leaked credentials containing corporate access distributed on the dark web and Telegram in the past six months. This included access to corporate single sign-on applications, email, and other critical applications. 
  • Initial access brokers have sold privileged IT access for six healthcare organizations in the past 12 months.
  • Data extortion ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations are up 144% on an annualized basis in 2023, representing a significant and rapid expansion in data extortion ransomware tactics.

“We continue to see the rapid commodification and commercialization of the cybercrime ecosystem,” said Eric Clay, VP Marketing at Flare. “Groups are becoming more sophisticated and building increasingly intricate supply chains which are enabling economies of scale and a precipitous rise in attacks against healthcare organizations.”

To take a deeper dive into this research and the impact that cybercrime is having on the healthcare industry, read the full report at

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