Play CTF: Capture the Threats with Flare!

Updated: 2022.12.07
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We’ve launched CTF: Capture the Threats so you can upgrade your threat hunting skills while having fun. Play CTF at any time. The game includes four categories of 12 challenges to stop a threat actor. The level of difficulty increases with each challenge. The first 10 participants that complete all levels will win a fun cybersecurity prize!

The storyline of the game is that each player is a threat analyst at a company named Scatterholt. The company has experienced a data breach, and the goal is to find any leaked sensitive information as quickly as possible. Since the game is on the Flare platform, players can search through dark web data safely. 

Players can enjoy the game in one sitting, or take breaks and play over a period of time. But, since the game is only available for a limited time, register to play Flare’s CTF: Capture the Threats today.

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Yuzuka Akasaka

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