Report - Stealer Logs & Corporate Access

Updated: 2023.07.25
Reading Time: < 1 minutes

There’s been a surge of infostealer malware variants such as RedLine, Aurora, Raccoon, Vidar, and more, over the last few years. As described in the name, this type of malware steals information from the devices they infect.

To better understand the threat of infostealer malware, we analyzed trends of 19.6 million stealer logs such as:

  • Number of infections containing corporate credentials
  • Average price of infostealers with banking access
  • Prominent consumer applications appearing in the logs 

Check out our report that focuses on stealer logs with access to corporate IT environments:

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Eric Clay

Marketing Director

Author Description: Eric Clay has a strong cybersecurity background and significant experience building marketing approaches for SaaS companies. Clay began their career at a B2B marketing agency as an outside consultant for inbound lead gen processes in the cybersecurity and SaaS space and later became CMO at two cybersecurity startups. As Flare’s Marketing Director, Clay works with our marketing team to set and improve marketing strategies and approaches.