Dissecting the Dark Web Supply Chain

Only $10 is what it takes for cybercriminals to get their hands on powerful tools that bypass 2FA and impersonate your browser fingerprint. With relatively inexpensive potent data, it’s no wonder the infected device markets are booming across the clear & dark web, and even on Telegram channels.

Flare’s CTO & Co-Founder Mathieu Lavoie and VP of Marketing Eric Clay get into:

  • An in-depth journey through the intricate dark web supply chain – from MaaS vendors peddling malware to initial access brokers dealing in compromised access
  • An exclusive look into niche markets like Russian Market & Genesis Market, and the secretive Telegram channels specializing in infostealer malware
  • A reveal on how stealer malware operates: from distribution and data collection to its eventual exfiltration
  • Essential tips and best practices to shield your organization from stealer malware threats and hone your detection skills against potential threats tailored to you

Learn more about the dark web supply chain:

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Eric Clay

Marketing Director

Eric Clay has a strong cybersecurity background and significant experience building marketing approaches for SaaS companies. Clay began their career at a B2B marketing agency as an outside consultant for inbound lead gen processes in the cybersecurity and SaaS space and later became CMO at two cybersecurity startups. As Flare’s Marketing Director, Clay works with our marketing team to set and improve marketing strategies and approaches.

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