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Updated: 2022.05.18 - 12:00 pm - Online
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With the expanding digital landscape, it’s not just individuals that have to worry about their digital footprint, but organizations too. On May 18th at 12pm, join our Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Yohan Trépanier Montpetit, as he walks through how Flare can easily discover your company’s digital footprint and provide complete visibility over your digital risks. You’ll even be able to try out the platform yourself during the demo, and get live guidance from Yohan on best practices to reduce the risk of exposed data and services. 

The Discussion will cover: 

  • The complexities of businesses’ digital footprint in today’s environment
  • How to get started with Flare, live during the demo
  • Walkthrough of example alerts and key use cases
Yohan Trepanier Monpetit

Yohan Trepanier Monpetit

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @Flare Systems

For over 10 years, Yohan has led technical teams to reach ambitious goals on innovative projects. As Cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Flare Systems, he brings a broad technological background to develop innovative Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection solutions to solve real-world business challenges.


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