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Flare Managed Security
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Flare’s Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform is easily scaled and applied to multiple managed security business models including risk assessments, penetration testing, managed detection and response (MDR), and incident response.

Incorporating Flare into your security solutions offering is the promise of boosted protection for your customers and additional revenues for your business.

What Our Partners Love About Flare

AI-Powered Custom Reports

Easily translate foreign languages, summarize dark web threat actor activity, and generate actionable intelligence at scale.

Robust API and Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your core security systems with native integrations with leading SIEM, SOAR, and ticketing solutions along with a robust REST API

Unlimited Autonomous Takedowns

Takedown lookalike domains and accidental GitHub/source code leaks at the click of a button and slash your customers’ threat exposure

Quarterly Threat Exposure Reports

Leverage human threat analysts to prepare and deliver high-value quarterly reporting for your customers

Monthly Partner Enablement Webinar

Join timely discussions on best practices for growing your business further with continuous threat exposure management with monthly partner enablement webinars

Co-marketing Support

Get access to unique prospecting tools, data sheets, use cases, and sales collateral to help you best illustrate the value of Continuous Threat Exposure Management to your customers

“Flare’s new tiered MSSP services align well with Sandstorm Cyber’s tailored cybersecurity approach. This structure complements our goal of delivering strategic and tactical value added analysis based on hard to find indicators therefore, enabling us to offer more comprehensive and in depth threat analysis services to our clients. This collaboration strengthens our ability to mitigate risks and protect our clients’ digital assets”

Éric G. Hébert

Founder @ Sandstorm cyber

What is Continuous Threat Exposure Management?

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is an emerging strategic security program that integrates cyber threat intelligence, digital risk protection, external attack surface management, and other functions.

This convergence enables organizations to proactively identify, prioritize, and respond to the types of exposure threat actors most commonly leverage to attack companies.

A CTEM platform serves as the focal point for integrating exposure management throughout the security function creating continuous risk reduction.

  • Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trend for 2024
  • Companies implementing Threat Exposure Management processes will see a 66% decline in data breach risk by 2026
  • 60% of organizations are actively developing or considering implementing a Continuous Threat Exposure Management Program

Flare Partner Plans

Flare for Security Assessments Flare for MSSP Flare for MSSP Premium
Description Built for firms looking to leverage Flare's platform to boost security assessment services, improve margins, and deliver better customer outcomes. Ideal for MSSPs looking to leverage Flare's platform to boost existing security monitoring services or deliver managed CTEM services to their customers. Premium partners can further leverage Flare's resources with access to: additional price benefits, our exclusive API for seamless integration, threat analyst support, and exclusive co-marketing opportunities.
Full Threat Exposure Management Platform
"AI Assist" Custom Reporting
Monthly Partner Enablement Webinar
API Export Only Export Only Full Access
Threat Analyst Support
Unlimited Autonomous Takedowns
(Add on available)
(Add on available)
Quarterly Threat Exposure Report
(Add on available)
(Add on available)
One On-Demand "Compelling Event" Report
(Add on available)
(Add on available)
Marketing Support
Partner Marketing Portal and Content
(Add on available)
Threat Exposure Prospecting Tool
(Add on available)
Exclusive Webinars and Co-Marketing Deliverables
(Add on available)
(Add on available)
Price Starting at $19,800 / year Starting at $36,000 /year Starting at $100,000 /year
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Flare Will Deliver on the Following Promises


  • Flare significantly accelerates the discovery phase of assessments, ensuring timely service delivery and your client satisfaction.
  • Flare enables MSSPs to outpace external threats and their competitors with swift deployment and robust threat exposure management, ensuring client security is a step ahead.

“What used to take about 1,500 hours to complete can now be done in 1 week. Flare allows me to empower junior analysts to do dark web investigations that were previously impossible, hence liberating bandwidth.”- CTI Director, Large MSSP


  • Flare’s simple and flexible licensing model caters to a variety of operational needs, making it a versatile choice for your security assessment services.
  • Flare’s flexible system and support tiers adapt to client demands, enabling MSSPs to expand service offerings and capture new revenue streams efficiently.

“ is an easy to set, easy to use, and easy to sell product.” – Director of Sales, MSSP


  • Flare optimizes your security expert’s time and resources, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and improving margins.
  • Flare’s AI-powered automation elevates MSSP margins by reducing manual workload, allowing a focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

Reduction in Analyst Time spent on Pen Testing, Security Assessments, and Risk Assessments


Average MSSP Return on Investment in 12 Months with Flare’s Offering


Reduced Analyst Time Investigating Dark Web Threats


Partner Renewal Rate

Learn more about Flare for Security Assessments

Flare for Security Assessments efficiently cuts down reconnaissance investigation time by 10x for Managed Security Service Providers and Pen Testing businesses, thereby improving margins. Easy to implement within 30 minutes and requiring minimal training, Flare offers a straightforward solution to help you navigate a competitive market often driven by cost and delivery speed. By automating the crucial steps of threat discovery and data prioritization, it frees up your security resources to focus on impactful areas, delivering superior value to end clients and providing a competitive edge.

Read more about how Flare helped accelerate OSINT at a leading offensive security firm.

“We audited dozens of different solutions and Flare was the only one making CTI easy and understandable for all, with the right data.”
Senior Advisor, Large MSSP

Learn More about Flare for MSSP and MSSP Premium Product

Flare offers MSSPs a streamlined path to growth in the competitive cybersecurity landscape with its user-friendly Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform. Recognized by Gartner as a top trend, CTEM enables proactive risk mitigation and breach prevention. Flare’s platform, requiring minimal training, can be deployed in under 30 minutes, integrates with core systems, and offers analyst-supported reporting and autonomous takedown services. With simplified licensing and quick time-to-value, Flare empowers MSSPs to overcome operational challenges, scarcity of cybersecurity professionals, and complex vendor relationships, distinguishing their services in a saturated market.

Learn more about CTEM and why Gartner has identified it as a top security trend in 2024 here.

Flare has become an integral tool in our SOC process by detecting potential phishing domains, scanning GitLab for data leaks, and identifying user credential leaks… thanks to its robust API, we’ve been able to create custom workflows that extract even more value from the tool.”

SOC Engineer, Digital Healthcare Organization