Jira Service Management Integrates with Flare

Streamline your Workflows with the Jira Integration for Flare

Jira Service Management tool is an extremely simple way to manage incidents in a centralized location both for large teams with staff answering those tickets, and smaller teams for which a SIEM or SOAR is overkill. 

Flare is the proactive digital footprint monitoring solution for organizations. Our AI-driven technology constantly scans the online world, including the dark and clear web, to discover unknown events, automatically prioritize risks and deliver actionable intelligence you can use instantly to improve security.

With the Jira Service Management tool and Flare, our clients can send Flare prioritized alerts directly in their Jira board and create incidents containing contextualized Flare data. With this ease-of-use, junior analysts on your incident response team are empowered to manage these alerts.

Top Benefits from the Integration:

  • Centralize all alerts in a single location with the context and prioritization offered by Flare
  • Assign and upskill more junior employees to respond to these tickets
  • Access all workflow tools and dashboards you are already familiar with
  • Generate dashboards with dynamic labels showing where the data comes from in order to move from reactive to proactive approach to external cyber risk management

How to Set Up the Jira-Flare Integration

Configuring the integration is very simple:

  1. Create an Alert Channel in your Flare Teams page, and enter required information about what Jira project you want to connect.
  2. Generate a Jira API Token (click to generate the token here).
  3. Make support static Labels (like “My Project” in the example below) and dynamic labels to leverage the FLare collection and prioritization engine.
  4. Assign this alert to any identifiers you create in Flare/ 

Here is what the resulting Jira Ticket can look like for a result found on Telegram channel 🇨🇦 We Do It Better 💻.:

Configure Jira Integration Now

All of our clients have access to all our integrations, regardless of your subscription. If you are currently using Flare and want to configure the Jira integration, visit our documentation page right now!