Domain Takedown Service

When a threat actor impersonates your brand by creating a lookalike domain, it can cause incredible harm to people who interact with your organization’s domain. Domain takedown services play a crucial role in maintaining cybersecurity and protecting your users from malicious online activities.

A Look at Takedowns with Flare

What do you get with Flare’s domain takedown service? 

Flare’s Threat Exposure Management (TEM) platform lets you quickly detect and respond to lookalike domains by automating the monitoring, evaluation,  and domain takedown process. By taking a proactive response to malicious domains, you reduce your risk and protect both your data and your people. 

What are the key benefits of Flare’s domain takedown service? 

With Flare’s domain takedown services, security teams can disrupt threat actors’ infrastructure. Cybercriminals use lookalike domains to make phishing attempts more successful or distribute malware. Security teams can take these sites down to better combat threat actors’ attempts to phish or distribute malware to your organization’s customers. 

How do domain takedowns typically work?

When a suspicious domain has been identified, you must request that it is taken down. The first step in this process is to investigate and verify that the domain is malicious. Once the malicious domain is verified, it must be reported to the relevant domain registrar. Then your organization needs to request that the site be taken down by the hosting provider and monitor the situation to ensure the site is actually removed. 

Domain Takedown Services: An Overview

What is a domain takedown service? 

Domain takedown services are services that help businesses and individuals remove domains that violate their privacy, copyright, or brand and/or for other malicious purposes such as to distribute malware or be a phishing landing page. This is done by automating the process of finding and removing lookalike domains so your team doesn’t have to do it manually. 

What is cybersquatting? 

Cybersquatting is the process of using, registering, or selling a domain name and address in order to profit off of another organization’s brand and trademark. They hope to trick site visitors into believing the domain is legitimate and affiliated with the recognized brand. Some lookalike sites target potential customers. Others target your employees in an attempt to collect credentials from them.

What is spear phishing? 

Spear phishing is a targeted form of phishing in which bad actors craft detailed messages that seem to be from a trusted source — such as your brand. In many cases these messages may direct the victim to a convincing lookalike site with the goal of stealing sensitive information like login credentials or payment information.

Why Do Organizations Need Domain Takedown Services?

Why do you need takedown services in today’s cybersecurity landscape?

Phishing attacks are extremely common and, unfortunately, they are also extremely effective. They take time to investigate and using a domain takedown service, your team can increase the speed of their investigations. Also, this would decrease the chances of a phishing attack, as a typical web user is more likely to be tricked with a lookalike domain than with a more clearly suspicious domain. 

What is the impact of spear phishing attacks? 

When an employee falls for a spear phishing attack, your brand can suffer many adverse effects, including:

  • Financial loss
  • Reputational loss
  • Data theft
  • Interruptions to business operations

What is the impact of a malicious lookalike domain?

Criminals who run malicious domains are using your brand to attack your customers, and that can do damage to your brand’s reputation. The use of your business name and trademark may also limit your ability to purchase certain domain names or use your own brand name online.

Takedown Services and Flare

Flare provides the leading Threat Exposure Management (TEM) solution for organizations. Our technology constantly scans the online world, including the clear & dark web, to discover unknown events, automatically prioritize risks, and deliver actionable intelligence you can use instantly to improve security. 

Our solution integrates into your security program in 30 minutes to provide your team with actionable intelligence and automated remediation for high-risk exposure. See it yourself with our free trial.

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