The Same Flare Cybersecurity: Now at! (Goodbye Flare.Systems)

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At Flare, our mission has always been to democratize cybersecurity and empower organizations to defend themselves against and stay ahead of ever-changing cyber threats. We began this journey in 2017, and have been carefully monitoring the clear and dark web for cyber risks to protect our customers across different industries.

Over the years, we’ve evolved along with the threat landscape, and have incorporated cutting edge technology into our platform to keep the information advantage over threat actors. 

Our commitment to delivering the most innovative and user-friendly cyber threat intelligence platform is reflected in our communications. Last year, we introduced a new logo and branding, and today, we launched our new domain:!

We constantly strive to better serve our customers and ensure they are secure in today’s digital landscape.

Introducing Why Did We Move from Flare.Systems?

With, our domain better represents our type of organization and what we can offer to help our customers.

Overall, this change will make it easier for cyber teams to find and connect with us so that we can support their organizations’ security postures. There are three big reasons behind this domain change:


The move to offers a shorter and more memorable domain name, making it easier for all we serve to find us online. This streamlined domain reinforces our commitment to simplifying complex cybersecurity challenges for our customers.

We’re also proud of the meaning of our company name, Flare, and want to emphasize it more. In marine and search & rescue applications, flares play a crucial role during nighttime operations, casting light over expansive areas on the ground and enhancing visibility. Additionally, individuals in distress or lost hikers can deploy flares to assist search & rescue teams in determining their location and expediting aid. 

Similarly, our platform consistently offers visibility into threats and highlights the most critical exposures of your digital assets, allowing you to keep track of them and take appropriate measures. With shortening the domain from .systems to .io, we can better center our company name Flare and what it represents.


By changing to, we establish a consistent online presence with a more widely known domain. This will help strengthen our brand identity and further solidify our reputation as a trusted partner in the cyber threat intelligence space.


With this domain change, we aim to increase our online visibility. With a more memorable domain name, we can better connect to our audience and connect them with the resources we offer on our website including:

Same Flare Cybersecurity Mission, New Domain with

Our core mission remains unchanged, even with our domain change from to This is a move that represents our dedication to a safer online experience for all and providing the best possible cyber threat intelligence platform. As we embrace this change, we look forward to continuing our journey together as we work towards a safer and more secure digital world.

Now Serving You Flare Cybersecurity from

We have a new domain, but we’re offering the same trusted platform and services.

With unmatched coverage across the clear and dark web, we enable security operations teams to proactively detect and remediate high-risk external exposure before threat actors can find it and misuse it. 

Our coverage includes:

  • Leaky S3 buckets
  • Ransomware blogs
  • Dark web chats
  • Public GitHub repos
  • Dark web forums
  • Threat actor profiles
  • Infected device markets
  • Open ports
  • Paste sites
  • Illicit Telegram marketplaces
  • Dark web marketplaces
  • And more!

As the only CTI/DRPS platform taking an AI first approach, we recently introduced our AI Powered Assistant. At Flare, we believe that integrating generative AI into cybersecurity is crucial for expanding our capabilities together with advancing technology. Through the incorporation of LLMs into cyber threat intelligence, we can add to their capabilities, resulting in a faster and more accurate assessment of threats.

Flare’s AI Powered Assistant can:

  • Automatically translate & contextualize dark web and illicit Telegram channel posts
  • Deliver actionable insights into technical exposure
  • Detect and prioritize infected devices

Want to learn more about how the Flare platform can boost your cyber threat intelligence strategy? Set up a free trial in less than 15 minutes to try it yourself. 

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