News Release: Flare Systems and Donahoe Advisory Group Announce Partnership to Provide Engagement Services in USA and Canada

Flare Systems and Donahoe Advisory Group Announce Partnership

March 31st 2020, Montreal

Flare Systems, a leading provider of fraud prevention and digital risk protection solutions for financial institutions, and Donahoe Advisory Group (DAG), today announced the availability of a combined offering to enable Donahoe Advisory to provide professional cybersecurity services and leading-edge cyber security workshops and engagements to a wide range of industries. 

The direct connection between Flare Systems’ Firework digital footprint continuous monitoring platform, used by major Canadian financial institutions, and DAG’s extensive cybersecurity advisory services to assist businesses prevent cyberattacks and costly breaches allows the companies to bring the product to new markets in both Canada and the US. 

As part of DAG’s services, which cover security assessments, security readiness audits, footprint analysis and technical controls testing, Firework will be used to mitigate threats and information assets that became public due to human error or malicious attacks by threat actors to reduce business risk.

“DAG brings a well-adapted suite of services to enhance the value of the technology we’re providing to financial institutions and ensures a perfect fit within any organizations’ security practice.” said Mathieu Lavoie, CEO of Flare Systems.

“I’m excited to announce this partnership that will complete our service offering with the analysis of an organization’s information on open source, deep and dark web, and offer a 360 degree view of their security posture.” said Franklin Donahoe, DAG’s CEO.

For more information about Flare Systems please visit, and for more information about Donahoe Advisory Group.

About Flare Systems 

Flare Systems helps financial institutions proactively mitigate exposure from breaches and cyber attacks resulting from malicious actors and human errors. When left unmanaged, they can cause loss of data, fines and damage to reputation. Firework helps you discover exposure, keep up with the changing threat landscape and be confident you know what you need to know at all times.

You can find Flare Systems award winning software and products at or contact at [email protected] to learn more.

About Donahoe Advisory Group

Donahoe Advisory Group assists you to develop programs that provide a clear point of view on expected outcomes and value to your organization. We ensure security organizations design their programs and control structures to address business needs. Our methods ensure cyber protection strategies lead to business value. 

You can find DAG’s extensive services and expertise at or connect at [email protected] to learn more.

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