Happy May the 4th! The Force is Strong At Flare

Hello there. May the 4th be with you. We asked our employees how they would work if we were in the StarWars universe.

Hi! I’m Francois. I’m a Data/AI Team Lead at Flare and I help the team get as much value as possible for our digital footprint monitoring, using AI with our collected data.

Francois’ Ideal Work Day in the StarWars Universe: I’d fly a Star Destroyer to work… a weapon of terror across the DarkWeb. Meanwhile, my office would be located on Naboo because it’s an idyllic world and inhabited by peaceful humans. My team lead would be Qui-Gon Jinn, only the best, and my work friend would be Yoda because he knows the truth.

Hi! I’m Kevin, a Software Developer Intern and I currently work on backend components at Flare.

Kevin’s Ideal Work Day in the StarWars Universe: I would be flying the X-wing to work! It’s fast, convenient and is one of the coolest ships in the universe! My office would be located on Naboo. It has some really nice landscapes. At work, my team lead would be Obi-wan, he’s knowledgeable and a good leader. As for my work friend, it would have to be Yoda, I’d really like it if he would point out my bugs like so, “A bug on the 4th line you have.” 

Hi! I’m Samuel, a Software Developer. At Flare, I design and build full-stack applications.

Samuel’s Ideal Work Day in the StarWars Universe: I’d fly the Death Star to work because I can. My ideal work environment is anywhere but tatooine. I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like Naboo. There everything is soft and smooth. At work, Mace Windu would be my team leader because he needs more love! Whereas, Bigger Luke would be my work friend because he is a slightly bigger version of Luke…

Hi! I’m Olivier, AI Expert at Flare. I develop artificial intelligence tools in order to enrich our data.

Olivier’s Ideal Work Day in the StarWars Universe: I’d start my day by flying a Venator-class Star Destroyer to work. I would love to travel the Galaxy in this unique ship with none other than Admiral Yularen and the clones of the 501st Legion. My ideal office would be on Kashyyyk. It would be nice to have our office in a giant tree! In the office, I think Obi Wan could be a good team lead. He did pretty well in the saga if we exclude the part that his apprentice became a Sith Lord and transformed the Republic into an Empire.

Hi! I’m Jarell and as a Product Designer at Flare, I create memorable and usable experiences for our users. 

Jarell’s Ideal Work Day in the StarWars Universe: I would definitely fly a Naboo Starfighter to work. It’s fast, seats one, and comes in a bright color. It’s basically like driving a sports car in space. I’d probably ask my onboard astromech for directions to the nearest space smoothie bar… As for my office, I would love for it to be in a high rise office with a downtown view of Coruscant. It would be so nice to see a sunset over the cityscape! My team leader would be R2-D2 who always provides the most profound insight in just a few robotic beeps. Imagine having access to this wise droid full-time! But, who’s my work pal? Hands down – General Grievous or rather, hands up. He has four of them. He would be the most productive employee!

Hi! I’m Chloe, Flare’s Community & Partnerships Marketing Specialist. In my role, I help bring the Flare community together and build partnerships in the industry. 

Chloe’s Ideal Work Day in the StarWars Universe: On my way to work, I’d fly the millennium falcon so that I can carpool with co-workers and play dejarik in the back! Of course, my office would be located on Endor so that I can hangout with the ewoks on break. Leading my team would have to be Yoda for his motivational pep talks, “Do or do not. There is no try.” I already know that my work best friend would be Chewy because there’s no better teammate to have by your side. 



We hope you enjoyed the journey inside the minds of our biggest StarWars fans! At Flare we will always be on the side of good, lighting the path as best we can.

Happy May the fourth! and as always, may the force be with you. 

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