The State of the Dark Web 2024

Even at just the halfway point of 2024, the cybercrime ecosystem has shifted dramatically:

  • IBM’s 2024 X-FORCE Threat Report has found that breaching strategy has shifted from hacking in to simply logging in through credential acquisition
  • Through a leaked XSS conversation, Initial Access Brokers (IABs) have been found to be selling organizational credentials in bulk to infamous ransomware groups such as LockBit
  • Communication platform Telegram has become an increasingly popular distribution network, forming its own unique stealer log ecosystem

These are only a few examples how cybercrime has evolved. In this webinar, get the knowledge you need to arm your organization with the tools needed to set up a proactive defense. Join Mathieu Lavoie, Eric Clay, Tammy Harper, and Nick Ascoli in this webinar as they take a deep dive into the evolving nature of threats on the Dark Web.

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