Confidence in Crisis: Incident Response & Cybercrime in 2023

Watch the replay of live Q&A session with Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe & Former USPS CISO Gregory Crabb, and Flare CEO Norman Menz.

Join Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew Mccabe & Former USPS CISO Gregory Hirsch for a live Q&A session with Flare CEO Norman Menz. We’ll be covering key trends in cybercrime in 2023, how companies can build effective incident response programs, and why current cyber defense strategies aren’t cutting it in an increasingly unstable threat environment. Andrew and Gregory will answer questions around:

  • – What has changed in the 2023 cyber threat landscape, and why instability and rapid change will continue to be the norm
  • – Key steps to crisis management in incident response activities from seasoned security leaders
  • – How increasing geopolitical tension and uncertainty plays into enterprise cybersecurity risk
  • – Intellectual property theft by foreign nation states and the increasing targeting of U.S. research, agriculture, and technology sectors
  • – How companies should reorganize their incident response and threat intelligence functions to build threat lead cybersecurity programs
  • – APT’s & Cybercrime emanating from Russia as political isolation grows
  • – Generative Artificial Intelligence, misinformation, and other key trends in the threat landscape
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Eric Clay

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