The New Dark Web? Illicit Channels and Their Impact on Cybersecurity

Illicit Telegram channels have become a growing concern in the realm of cybercrime. Join us Thursday, March 23rd at 11am, as Flare’s CTO, Mathieu Lavoie, and Director of Marketing, Eric Clay, will delve into the world of illicit Telegram channels and discuss the various ways in which cybercriminals use them to carry out their nefarious activities. 

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Eric Clay

Marketing Director

Eric Clay has a strong cybersecurity background and significant experience building marketing approaches for SaaS companies. Clay began their career at a B2B marketing agency as an outside consultant for inbound lead gen processes in the cybersecurity and SaaS space and later became CMO at two cybersecurity startups. As Flare’s Marketing Director, Clay works with our marketing team to set and improve marketing strategies and approaches.

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