Beyond the Threat Feeds: Data Extortion Ransomware Threats

Go Beyond the Threat Feeds with Host Eric Clay in this AMA styled live stream where we answer all your questions on emerging cyber threats for the infosec community. We’re demystifying adversary tactics & techniques and sharing the secrets to help you navigate the digital wild west.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyber leader looking for emerging insights or a junior threat analyst who wants to up their threat intelligence game, “Beyond the Threat Feeds” has got you covered.

On this week of the live show, Eric is going to discuss Data Extortion Ransomware with Flare Co-Founder and CTO, Mathieu Lavoie. Get insights on:

  • The evolution of ransomware attacks, discussing how ransomware attacks involving data extortion have increased at an annualized rate of more than 112% in 2023
  • How ransomware groups like LockBit, Alphvm, CL0P, and BianLian operate and which industries they target
  • Safeguarding your organization, including the risks of stolen credentials and how to detect and mitigate them

Stay informed and proactive in the fight against data extortion ransomware.

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