Flare Offers The First Digital Footprint Monitoring Self-Service Trial

Updated: 2022.04.28
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On April 28th, 2022, Flare announced that the company will be offering a self-onboarding 14-day free trial to new users. At the same time, the company completed a new rebrand to reflect the company’s growth and new market positioning.

Montreal, Canada – April 28, 2022 – Flare, the leading digital footprint monitoring solution, announced today that it will be offering a free self-service trial for new users. Not only is this a disruptive move in the industry, but it is the first digital footprint monitoring solution to offer a completely free self-service trial, with immediate access to over 9 billion leaked credentials and millions of external activities. 

In the current market, digital risk protection platforms are too complicated, noisy, and inaccessible. By launching the free self-service trial, Flare aims to be more accessible and transparent for all security teams. “Similar to other SAAS industries, there’s been an increasing demand for self-service trials in cyber. In our mission to democratize cyber security for all organizations, Flare provides convenient access to our digital risk protection platform helping organizations detect and mitigate digital risks regardless of size,” says Norman Menz, CEO.  

With the self-service trial, new users will be able to access all platform features with their professional email. After completing a few other security-related questions, users will have access to billions of data points and be able to visualize their company’s digital footprint with the power of Flare. Plus, there will be no sales call setup unless requested by the user.

By offering this self-service trial, Flare addresses a real problem: most organizations do not have complete insight into their digital footprint. As cyber threats continue to rise due to malicious actors and human error, organizations face ever increasing external risks. As a result, many companies find their data has been leaked weeks, or even months after the event has occurred. The Flare platform enables users to identify, contextualize, prioritize, and remediate public data exposures for their entire organization. Flare offers a flexible pricing model to align with all customer sizes and needs to further reduce barriers for security teams to access a digital monitoring platform.

At the same time, Flare has completed a major rebranding to reflect the company’s growth and new product positioning. Building on their trusted brand, the company wanted to embrace Flare’s startup culture and product innovation. “Our logo’s connective and flexible appearance represents Flare’s ability and commitment to protecting organizations at a level of precision that meets every business’ unique needs,” said Faustine Foliard, Marketing Lead at Flare. Visit flare.systems to explore the new Flare brand and website experience.

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Since 2017, Flare has been developing AI-driven technologies to protect your companies against malicious actors and human errors. Flare offers an easy-to-use platform that gets you the right information before risks become unmanageable. Reduce digital risk with Flare, the digital risk protection (DRP) platform that automates your dark, deep and clear web monitoring.

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