Digital footprint monitoring for government

Seamlessly enabling government agencies to detect data leaks, credential theft, and cybercrime across billions of data points.

Government has a lot to worry about. Government agencies are a common target for malicious actors, and many government entities have difficulty effectively detecting & prioritizing threats. Flare enables government bodies to rapidly detect & remediate threats.

Government has a lot to worry about

Cybersecurity is top of mind for many government agencies. Government CISO’s and Security teams have to work with tight budgets and an ever expanding attack surface.

Federal, State, and Provincial government agencies often have difficulty:

Flare enables government entities to understand their digital footprint

Flare combines many of the best features of a digital risk protection and external attack surface management solution to enable government entities to really understand their digital footprint.


Your Contextualized Digital Footprint

Flare provides a powerful digital risk and footprint scoring system that enables leadership to understand how their organization’s footprint is evolving over time. This data can be used to foster a cycle of continuous improvement and iteration with real-time feedback as your digital footprint changes.

AI-Assisted Cyber Security

The Flare platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of malicious actors on the dark web. This insight provides our customers with the ability to proactively identify dark web threats and ensure that those threats are remediated.

Actionable Alerts

Flare’s prioritization engine creates actionable alerts that enable you to filter through the noise and identify threats that pose a risk to your organization.

Flare benefits

Flare Enables Government Agencies to:

Combat Fraud and Phishing

Combat Fraud and Phishing

Government entities are often targeted by malicious actors seeking to exploit consumers through phishing. Flare automatically identifies potentially malicious domains and other risks to enable security teams to combat phishing attacks.

Decrease Dark Web Investigation Time

Decrease Dark Web Investigation Time

Many of our government customers dramatically reduce the time it takes to investigate threats on the dark web through Flare’s easy to set up identifiers. Most organizations can be fully operational on the platform within 1 business day, and will begin receiving actionable intelligence on day 2.

Visualize and Manage your External Attack Surface

Visualize and Manage your External Attack Surface

Flare provides external attack surface management that enables analysts to work faster and more effectively by eliminating noise and allowing security professionals to focus on high-risk publicly facing assets. Our SaaS platform monitors hundreds of sources and provides prioritized alerting when high risk issues are detected.

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