Flare for Incident Response Teams

Flare empowers incident response teams to take the initiative and proactively remediate incidents before they become breaches.

Incident Response Teams are always on the back foot

Responding to incidents at an enterprise organization is an exercise in constantly putting out fires. Teams are overwhelmed by issues ranging from insider threat, accidental data leaks, developer secret leakage, and stolen credentials while the cybersecurity skills shortage makes it hard to recruit teams effectively.

Flare provides a Unified Platform for Incident Response Teams to Detect Risks

Flare empowers incident response teams to proactively detect and action incidents, reducing MTTD and MTTR in a single unified platform.

AI based prioritization

Flare’s AI based platform automatically prioritizes alerts to match what security teams need to know.

Easy setup

Setting up Flare isn’t a months-long process. Our platform set up typically takes less than 4 hours and begins producing actionable intelligence on day 1.

Wide coverage

Flare monitors hundreds of sources including dark web marketplaces, telegram channels, pastebin dumps, and git environments.

Incident Responders have alot to worry about

Flare provides incident responders with a unified platform to detect and remediate incidents across the clear & dark web.

Benefits for Incident Response Teams

Upskill your team

Upskill your team

Flare has built decades of offensive cybersecurity experience into the platform, enabling teams to use junior analysts to detect & remediate incidents.

Reduce Noise

Reduce Noise

Flare helps CISOs proactively remediate data leaks, stolen credentials, secret leaks, and other threats enabling proactive cybersecurity.

Consolidate Tooling

Consolidate Tooling

Many incident response teams find that they can consolidate multiple tools by using Flare to detect & remediate incidents.

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