Splunk Integrates with
Flare Platform

Splunk seamlessly integrates with Flare to provide powerful real-time data analysis and visualization capabilities.

Splunk is a powerful data analytics and monitoring solution renowned for its proficiency in handling log and event data.

Flare is a continuous threat exposure management platform that monitors and prioritizes a multitude of events through the dark and clear web. Flare cuts out the noise so your team can address the most pressing issues.

Connecting Flare to Splunk will allow you to further contextualize your incidents and investigations. In addition, once you complete your initial Flare configuration, with logs sent directly to Splunk, Flare becomes virtually maintenance-free, and will simply act as an additional source of contextualized data to support your incidents.

The integration takes five minutes, and from there you can unlock sending Flare prioritized alerts directly to your SIEM. This enables a world of possibilities with Splunk dashboards, automated responses, alerts and custom apps.