Supply Chain Ransomware Exposure Monitoring

Transform how you can manage ransomware-related risks across your supply chain

The illicit economy of ransomware has never been healthier posing a major concern for senior leadership at businesses of all sizes and industry verticals. Additionally, third-party and supply chain risks are increasingly common attack vectors, attracting regulatory scrutiny and raising the stakes for security teams. Flare Supply Chain Ransomware Exposure Monitoring delivers unique visibility and proactive security across your extended supply chain so you can effectively manage and mitigate threat exposures that exist within ransomware data leaks.
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What Your Security Team Will Love about Flare


Flare unifies the core elements of a threat intelligence, digital risk protection, and attack surface management into a simple, flexible, and powerful threat exposure management solution.


You don’t need to be a threat hunting master to use Flare. The platform is genuinely easy to use and typically set up in 30 minutes, making it accessible to security professionals of all skill levels.

Robust Integrations

Easily integrate with SIEM, SOAR, Ticketing, and other core systems for alignment with existing security workflows.


Unlimited seat and tennant count means anyone at your organization can use Flare, presenting a unique collaboration opportunity for SecOps teams and their GRC counterparts, leading to an improved overall security posture.
“Flare was purchased to enable and turbocharge 3 separate use cases that met our needs as a heavily regulated global entity. The primary use cases we were working to fulfill was to build a threat intelligence program, perform deep searches for exposures to our intellectual property and effectively monitor the security posture of our critical 3rd party vendors. After a competitive process that included an initial 22 different toolsets we selected Flare as the tool that was able to meet our requirements.”
- CISO, Transportation Industry
Empower Your Defense with Flare's AI Security

How Flare Compliments Your Ransomware Security Posture

Even with a strong ransomware prevention posture, it’s a virtual certainty that a member of your supply chain will be a victim at some point in the near future.

By leveraging AI-powered analytics and world-class threat intelligence of ransomware groups, Flare empowers businesses to identify and respond to threat exposures within minutes of their appearance.

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Proactive Risk Management

Allows you to take a proactive approach to ransomware-related supply chain risks.

Rapid Threat Identification

Faster identification of serious threat exposures found in ransomware leaks.

Effortless Investigation

Save time and resources compared to manual investigation methods

Cutting-Edge Intelligence

Ensures your team is using the latest intelligence from the evolving ransomware cybercrime ecosystem.

What is Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is an emerging strategic security program that integrates cyber threat intelligence (CTI), digital risk protection (DRP), external attack surface management (EASM), and other functions. This convergence enables organizations to proactively identify, prioritize, and respond to ransomware-related intelligence and threat exposures. Flare’s platform serves as the focal point for integrating exposure management throughout the security function creating continuous risk reduction.

CTEM is Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trend for 2024

Companies implementing Threat Exposure Management processes will see a 66% decline in data breach risk by 2026

60% of organizations are actively developing or considering implementing a Continuous Threat Exposure Management Program

Supply Chain Ransomware Exposure Monitoring Use Cases

Visibility Across Your Known and Unknown Supply Chain Entities

Unrestricted access to Flare’s intelligence database

Effortless monitoring of known third parties

Apply your context to Flare’s intelligence for visibility into the unknown areas of your supply chain

Near Real-Time Alerting of Ransomware Leaks

World-class coverage of ransomware threat actor platforms

Near-real time updates of threat actor activity

Nimble data collection methodologies

Rapid and Precise Risk Evaluation of Your Threat Exposures

AI-powered file path analysis

One-click file download request

Detailed threat actor profiling and history.

Boost Your Compliance Efforts with Contextual Intelligence

Same-day time to value

AI-powered custom and contextual reporting

Robust API and Integrations


Flare tracks over 50 of the world’s most active ransomware threat actor organizations including LockBit, CL0P, and ALPHV/BlackCat


of victims opted not to pay the ransom, thereby accepting risk of data breach disclosure (Coveware, 2023)


Average number of third parties and vendors affected per data breach.
(BlackKite, 2022)