Social Network of Information: How Threat Actors Take Advantage of Social Media

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Social media platforms serve many important functions like connecting long distance family members, reconnecting old friends, finding jobs, and more. However, as they store and encourage sharing personal information such as birthdays, locations, and hobbies, the wrong person putting these pieces together can lead to harmful repercussions.  Social media companies hold millions of peoples’ personal […]

Threat Spotlight: Dark Web Data Breaches

Executive Summary There are 10 billion stolen credentials on the dark web. They continue to be one of the top means of compromise for cyberattacks and could lead to disastrous data breaches for individuals and organizations. Flare’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Yohan Trépanier Montpetit and Director of Marketing Eric Clay talk through the findings […]

Building Your Threat Hunting Framework: Key Considerations

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Threat hunting shifts security operations from reactive to proactive by searching for signs of attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) within an environment that have evaded or haven’t yet been picked up by existing detection technologies. Part of the difficulty of efficient and successful threat hunting is that it’s often conducted chaotically due to a […]

Threat Spotlight: Cyber Warfare & Security in the 21st Century

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Executive Summary Michael Morell is a career intelligence analyst with decades of experience in national cybersecurity. He’s served in roles like Former Deputy Director and twice Acting Director of the CIA from 2009 to 2013. Norman Menz, CEO of Flare, co-founded the third-party risk management provider Prevalent, before joining AI-driven vulnerability management startup Delve as […]

Flare Slashed Dark Web Investigation Time by 97% for a Leading Managed Security Service Provider

Overview Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can have difficulty monitoring the dark web for their clients. Marketplaces routinely go down or change locations, and the addition of Telegram and unconventional illicit markets like Genesis market has made it even more difficult to effectively monitor thousands of sources for cyber risk.  This success story highlights how […]

Threat Spotlight: Key Trends in Illicit Communities

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Executive Summary Over the years, we’ve been monitoring illicit communities on the clear web, dark web, and instant messaging platforms, and observing interesting trends. These trends have also given us an idea of what to expect going into 2023.  Check out our full webinar recording, Illicit Communities in 2022: Key Trends to Monitor for Illicit […]

Dark Web Statistics to Illuminate Your Cybersecurity Approach

dark web statistics

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month! The dark web can seem like a haunted house with mysteries in each corner. However, addressing facts and statistics about it can help you and your cybersecurity team prevent attacks. We’ve collected some spooky dark web statistics and facts to better inform your cybersecurity practices.  1. The Flare database has monitored […]

Top 5 Leaked Credentials Horror Stories

top 5 leaked credentials horror stories

Leaked credentials can be both the cause and effect of data breaches. Regardless of the resources invested into cybersecurity, organizations are unfortunately not immune to cyberattacks.  There have been a number of disastrous data breaches in this past year. We’ll highlight the top 5 leaked credentials horror stories of the past few months (in no […]

Spooky Ways to Ruin a Cybercriminal’s Day

Spooky Ways to Ruin a Cybercriminal's Day

It’s challenging to ruin a cybercriminal’s day because they only need one thing to work to gain access, while organizations must protect every potential attack surface. However, there are ways for everyone to contribute to a threat actor having a bad day.  We’ll discuss some major areas that work to malicious actors’ advantages (which can […]

Threat Spotlight: Leaked Credentials and Geography

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Executive Summary Leaked credentials are the cause of many cyberattacks, and the number of them on the dark web continues to grow rapidly: there are over 10 billion unique username password combinations once duplicates and combo lists have been removed.  Flare has been monitoring and archiving the dark web for over 5 years, which has […]