How to Apply Natural Language Processing to Cyber Threat Intelligence

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The dark web is challenging to monitor. On top of it being structurally difficult to navigate, malicious actors have a unique vocabulary that is complex to understand for outsiders.  Web scraping and web crawling enable extracting and indexing information on a larger scale. These tools need manually written rules to function. Since these processes require […]

Threat Spotlight: Leaked Credentials

threat spotlight

Executive Overview Stolen credentials continue to represent the primary means of compromise for the majority of data breaches and cyberattacks. The number of leaked credentials on the dark web has also expanded considerably, approaching over 10 billion unique username password combinations once duplicates and combo lists have been removed.  We looked into stolen credentials for […]

5 Hotspots for Threat Actor Activity

5 Hotspots for Threat Actor Activity

Where are malicious actors hiding on the web? Though it might seem like they’re mostly on the dark web, they can be hiding in plain sight on the clear web too. They can lurk on websites and messaging platforms you may use, like Telegram or Discord. By understanding how malicious actors can take advantage of […]

GitHub Security Best Practices: A 2022 Guide

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As the attack surface of most organizations’ IT environments expands into cloud-based services and infrastructure, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to secure assets and avoid data leaks. As more businesses become software-led, hosting services like GitHub provide tangible benefits, but their use also carries cyber risks. Ever-willing to adapt their tactics, threat actors increasingly […]

Flare’s Coming Soon to a Town Near You: Fall 2022 Events Edition

flare cybersecurity events 2022

Come Say Hello! Flare will be touring Canada and the U.S. this fall. If you are attending any of these events, come say hi at our booth for: Can’t make it to any of these? Don’t worry! Schedule a demo and we can talk. BSides Charlotte – Saturday, September 24th, 2022 SINET NY – Thursday, […]

Five Steps to Effective Security Benchmarking

effective security benchmarking

With an ever-increasing volume of cyber attacks hitting businesses, and new threat actors entering the fray constantly, robust modern cybersecurity demands regular improvement. The companies best placed to contend with cybersecurity risks are those that both strive to improve and track their progress over time.  Security benchmarking is a critical process that measures how well […]

Threat Spotlight: Illicit Telegram Markets & OTP Bots

threat spotlight

Executive Summary The threat landscape is rapidly changing. Threat actors who traditionally bought and sold malware, login credentials, and sensitive information on markets found on TOR (The Onion Router) are increasingly moving off of the “dark web” and on to clear web sites and instant messaging platforms such as Discord and Telegram. In today’s threat […]

Your Data Has Been Leaked: Do Users Care About Data Leaks?

Do Users Care About Data Leaks?

Data leaks and data breaches can come from anywhere. Data leaks can occur when an employee mistakenly leaves an API key on Github, or when a third party gives the public access to your proprietary information due to a permissions issue, or when a user clicks on a phishing link and gives their personal information […]

Dark Web Threat Intelligence: A Quick Guide

dark web threat intelligence

Building cyber threat intelligence capabilities has never been more important than in 2021. Attacks against businesses of all sizes are increasing rapidly. At the same time, the criminal underground is larger and more differentiated than ever. A single cyberattack against a business might involve dozens of threat actors each performing highly specialized roles. Gaining visibility […]

What is technical leakage and how does it happen?

Technical Leakage

In July, more than 50 international companies suffered a source code leak due to software development misconfigurations in DevOps applications, Bleeping Computer writes. The businesses operated in various industries, including technology, financial services, retail, entertainment, and manufacturing, and may have also been used as third-party attack sources for their business partners. According to the researcher […]