Threat Spotlight: Bypassing Safeguards on Generative AI

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There are two major trends coming together in the realm of cyber threats: 1) generative AI applications are redefining how we engage with each other and our environments, and 2) threat actors are abusing these same generative AI applications that are creating new positive possibilities to manipulate them for malicious purposes. (Check out our last […]

Threat Spotlight: Generative AI

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Two converging trends are on the precipice of reshaping the cyber threat landscape dramatically. The world is in the midst of a technological revolution that looks likely to cause significant and disruptive changes to society. Generative AI applications are poised to revolutionize the way we work, learn, and interact with our environment. Unlike some previous […]

Threat Spotlight: Dark Web Supply Chain

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Executive Overview Stealer logs are a threat for every company. Threat actors infect devices with stealer malware, exfiltrate the browser fingerprints & saved logins in the browser, and sell them on dedicated dark web marketplaces for less than $50. Breaches caused by stealer logs can cause hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of […]

Threat Spotlight: Threat Intelligence & Geopolitical Risk in 2023

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Executive Overview How do geopolitics affect cybersecurity for organizations in different areas of the world? Holden Triplett has years of experience in national security issues, including his role as the former Director of Counterintelligence at the National Security Council in the U.S. White House. In his role, he focused on coordinating policies to address U.S. […]

Threat Spotlight: AI and Machine Learning

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Executive Summary Check out our full webinar recording, AI and Machine Learning: The Future of Cybersecurity in 2023, and/or keep reading for the highlights. AI and Cybersecurity Applications There’s a misconception that using AI means that the machine is analyzing larger quantities of data. Rather, the machine may be able to spot patterns that would’ve […]

Threat Spotlight: Top Illicit Sources to Monitor in 2023

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Executive Overview The top illicit communities to monitor this year are a mix of dark web forums, markets/autoshops, and illicit communities across the instant messaging app Telegram. Most of them had previously existed, and are more recently gaining traction.  A comprehensive cyber threat intelligence strategy includes following a wide range of illicit sources to best […]

Threat Spotlight: 12 Days of Threats

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Executive Summary 1. Russian Market (Infected Devices & the Growing Threat of Stealer Malware) Infected device markets sell access to infected computers and browser fingerprints that can be used by threat actors to compromise online accounts. Like identity theft, the infected device can reveal a wealth of personal information about the victim, like where they […]

Threat Spotlight: Dark Web Data Breaches

Executive Summary There are 10 billion stolen credentials on the dark web. They continue to be one of the top means of compromise for cyberattacks and could lead to disastrous data breaches for individuals and organizations. Flare’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Yohan Trépanier Montpetit and Director of Marketing Eric Clay talk through the findings […]

Threat Spotlight: Cyber Warfare & Security in the 21st Century

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Executive Summary Michael Morell is a career intelligence analyst with decades of experience in national cybersecurity. He’s served in roles like Former Deputy Director and twice Acting Director of the CIA from 2009 to 2013. Norman Menz, CEO of Flare, co-founded the third-party risk management provider Prevalent, before joining AI-driven vulnerability management startup Delve as […]

Threat Spotlight: Key Trends in Illicit Communities

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Executive Summary Over the years, we’ve been monitoring illicit communities on the clear web, dark web, and instant messaging platforms, and observing interesting trends. These trends have also given us an idea of what to expect going into 2023.  Check out our full webinar recording, Illicit Communities in 2022: Key Trends to Monitor for Illicit […]