Fireside Chat: Cyber Risk in 2021 & Predictions in 2022

In 2021, cybersecurity has continued to change and evolve rapidly. How will you remember this year in cybersecurity? And what do you speculate for 2022? Our team has watched closely as the immense growth of ransomware activity persists and groups target core infrastructure, namely, the colonial pipeline. Meanwhile, organizations, like Microsoft and Google, are prioritizing multi-factor authentication and taking back the power against hackers. Undoubtedly, our team sees 2021 as a year of privacy and a call to action for organizations to protect and secure user data. 

On January 12th at 11 am EST, join Mathieu Lavoie, Flare’s Co-Founder, Alexandre Viau, Lead Developer at Flare, and Olivier Michaud, AI Expert at Flare, for an open discussion on cyber risks in 2021 and share their unique perspectives and predictions for 2022. 

Some of the topics that the speakers will touch on:

  • Ransomware
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Privacy
  • Dependency Management
  • Adoption of Artificial Intelligence
  • Investment in external applications 
  • And more!

The speakers

Alexandre Viau

Alexandre Viau

Lead Developer @ Flare Systems

Before joining Flare Systems as Lead Developer, Alexandre has been working on scaling large distributed systems by developing on open source projects such as OpenStack. In his free time, he also contributes to Debian where he focuses on making privacy-enhancing tools available and easy to use for the operating system’s users. He has also acted as the GNU maintainer for Jami, a distributed and encrypted communication platform. Alexandre has been a guest speaker at conferences such as GARDESO, DebConf, and the Paris Open Source Summit.

Olivier Michaud

Olivier Michaud

AI Expert @Flare Systems

Olivier is currently a master’s student in software engineering with a concentration in artificial intelligence at the École de technologie supérieure (ETS). His achievements allowed him to start this master’s degree in his last year of a bachelor’s degree in software engineering at the same school. Proud representative of Quebec at the Canadian Competition of Engineering in 2020, Olivier distinguished himself by winning the excellence scholarship from the École de technologie supérieure in order to continue his studies at the graduate level. His interest in artificial intelligence has led him to work with Flare Systems, now a partner in his research. During his undergraduate studies, Olivier was particularly involved with the Lan ETS Club in addition to being tasked with running laboratory classes.

Mathieu Lavoie

Mathieu Lavoie

Co-founder @Flare Systems

Mathieu started working in cybersecurity even before he obtained his B.Eng. from the ÉTS. For three years, he managed the offensive security team in a large financial institution and was also a strategic advisor for senior executives on cybersecurity and blockchain. Mathieu has been a guest speaker at security conferences such as HOPE, Hackfest, and NorthSec. Additionally to co-founding Flare Systems, he has also co-developed BitCluster, an open-source forensic tool for bitcoin transactions.

As we communicate with our customers, speak to industry professionals, and gather information from our own experts, we believe there are a few things to note that we’d like to share around the state of cybersecurity in 2021 and will share some of our expert’s predictions for 2022.

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cybersecurity predictions 2022
To go quickly over the 7 cybersecurity predictions made by our team of experts, take the visual approach and have a look to our infographic.

View the Infographic

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Eric Clay

Marketing Director

Eric Clay has a strong cybersecurity background and significant experience building marketing approaches for SaaS companies. Clay began their career at a B2B marketing agency as an outside consultant for inbound lead gen processes in the cybersecurity and SaaS space and later became CMO at two cybersecurity startups. As Flare’s Marketing Director, Clay works with our marketing team to set and improve marketing strategies and approaches.

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