Webinar: 5 Strategies for Mitigating Digital Risk for Financial Institutions

Traditionally, managing the security of your organization and the resources under its control has been challenging at best. The continued adoption of cloud services, the increase in activity of malicious actors, and the inadvertent leakage of data by employees outside an organization exposes  your organization to risks that you are unaware of or cannot easily control.  Due to the nature of your data and relationships with your clients, financial service organizations are more exposed.  So how do security teams identify exposure in their digital footprint and mitigate risk?

Join Norman Menz, Flare’s COO, as he draws from his 20+ years of experience in cyber security to answer this question.

This webinar will:

  • Review the common sources of risk in an organization’s digital footprint
  • Discuss the impact of unmitigated risk on an organization’s reputation and operations
  • Explore actual uses cases of detecting and responding to external risks
  • Cover the 5 strategies your organization can take today to identify and mitigate digital risks

If you are unsure of the external risk your institution is facing and struggling to manage your digital footprint, register for this webinar for proven techniques that will help you reduce your digital risk exposure.

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December 8, 2021 – 12pm EST

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The speakers

Norman Menz

Norman Menz

Chief Operations Officer @Flare Systems 

Norman is COO at Flare Systems and joined the company in 2021. Earlier in his career, Norman developed a number of information security and IT risk programs but decided to focus his attention on the biggest information security risk to organizations; which is the loss of data due to third-party relationships. Norman is a thought leader on third party and external information security risk and regularly speaks at industry events on the importance of understanding and mitigating risk associated with third parties. He is a Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) and a contributor to the Shared Assessment’s Risk Assessment Body of Knowledge.

Norman received his university degree in Business Management and has been pursuing entrepreneurial activities in technology since before becoming a Seton Hall University Pirate.

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Eric Clay

Marketing Director

Eric Clay has a strong cybersecurity background and significant experience building marketing approaches for SaaS companies. Clay began their career at a B2B marketing agency as an outside consultant for inbound lead gen processes in the cybersecurity and SaaS space and later became CMO at two cybersecurity startups. As Flare’s Marketing Director, Clay works with our marketing team to set and improve marketing strategies and approaches.

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